“This Is SEVERE” Watch The Media TURN ON Biden As The Economy Starts To COLLAPSE


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  1. "Americans view of the economy is the worst that it's been in a decade." Let me see now. Who was president a decade ago? Hum, was it Obama? Why, yes. Yes, I think it was. So, what did CNN actually say there? Oh wait. I know. Nobody can screw up an economy quite like the Democrats.

  2. Janet Yellen should resign and never work for the government. She lied to the American people, stating how inflation was not real and extra spending wouldn't cause inflation.

  3. I am finally working a great job making 80k, but the 13% in raises I’ve gotten over the last 2 years have been wiped out by inflation and the insane price hike in housing has insured I probably will never be able to buy a nice house because I’m single. The dems can get fucked. Thanks for ruining millions of lives.

  4. Thank you BIden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Zoros, and Progressive cult. We are told how great our lives with our high wage increases that goes right to Uncle Sam. At the same time, our costs are going up with us spending after tax dollars. As Harris stated, we got what we voted for. Trump will cause Armageddon, while Progressives lead by BIden are actually trying to get America into WWIII over BIden family business. Pelosi and Schiff trying to create a new conspiracy while in Ukraine with more dollars out of American pocketbooks.

  5. Amazing that CNN is actually saying that something is bad..and not linking Trumps name to it. This News Station pushed the Democrats Party so strongly that it was rammed down our throats, wonder if they'll ever conceded they were wrong?

  6. I hate that all this talking about what wrong with this administration isn’t fixing it. Same thing over and over! How in the hell are we fixing it?! Can just shoot them! I’m no murderer. I won’t go there regardless. How in the hell do we fix all this messed up bullshit?!

  7. We The People Have to Vote in the Mid Term elections!!! For people that are for America an it's people! I don't know about anyone else, but I was doing so much better in 2016-2020. I felt so much safer as well! This is why it's so important to vote these people out! In the Mid Term elections!!!

  8. Any averge person can just walk in to a grocery store and pick up a bag of Doritos, weigh it in their hand, squeeze it, and realise there's way more air inside the bag than there ever was. Any idiot knows we are in a severe recession. Item quantities are being cut in half while costing the same as the old full amount.

  9. Like the Wizard of Oz; pull back the curtains and you will see that the strings of the CCP-DEMS is being pulled by the CHINA-CCP$$!#?😳😉😁DESTROY THE USA$!

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