This Is Shameful

After Joe Biden decried Republican loyalty to Donald Trump as “semi-fascism” I talk to Max Blumenthal from The Grayzone about the shifting policies of the Democrat and Republican parties, and ask “is The Left suffering from an identity crisis?” #JoeBiden #DonaldTrump #maga

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Hell Keep the Damm Government out of my business, You do you I'll do me and We will live until one of us dies , 3 Things I know for sure that's going to happen, 1. Your born 2. You pay freaking taxes 3 . Your die ….

  2. I wish that you had addresed the term "Left" because it's being misused on the Democratic Party. There IS an American Left, but they have no voice in government. Bernie articulated the positions of the Green Party and others on the Left (pro-labor, fair trade, helping average people get a fair shot at using their talents to better themselves, etc.), but the donors of the Democratic Party simply won't entertain a single move in that direction, so we continue to have vibrant primaries with exciting populist candidates….who get shot down by the Democrats, who don't want the competition from the actual Left. By the time elections happen in November, the only Left candidates remaining belong to 3rd parties, and the Democrats continue their lawsuits and games to keep them off the ballot rather than competing on policy.

  3. Trump always spoke his mind, didn't hide it like these politicians that wear masks being fake, he booted corrupt right wing people and drained the swamp, that's why they hated him and the people love him. You are left wing that actually is respectful of others views, modern day leftism is a cancer, most right wing people don't mind other views but don't go screaming yelling looting saying we are all sorts of nasty things, cancer culture to anyone that disagrees

  4. They are better at playing the game of corruption and politics than we are, the Trump stuff was expert-level smearing and gas lighting, they still do it and they control the minds of millions. We finally have some good marketing on 'team human' now though with Trump and Russell Brand and JP, thank God. We have an IQ problem, there's an IQ bell curve and smart people think everyone is smart but really smart people realize that the bell curve puts most people in the middle which is low IQ compared to a well-read, politically minded individuals that are putting together an argument. You can come out with all this information but "Doctors agree" is what most people are going to remember the most. We might need something as simple as "Doctors do NOT agree" as our slogan for example.

  5. Brand is controlled „opposition“. Ask him about that „number“ tattoo or katy or jemima or hollywood. He a loser in the end. Satan worshippers even tho they never understood what satan does to human spirits.

  6. Malcom X explained it best, the fox is the democrat who is showing off his pearley white teeth looking friendly and all, contemplating how many different ways he will eat you. And then there's the wolf who is the republican, you know what the wolf is about as a result no explaination is needed.

  7. No one would choose to live in fear and be forced to comply as in the Pandemic. This is debilitating and loss of identity is understandable. It is great to be able to redefine ourselves and what is true here, hopefully uniting in a common goal to a create a much more democratic way of life.

  8. Thank you SO MUCH for your insightful and informative broadcasts.

    As a Canadian, from what I see, the so called left is:

    1. Masking mass murder (primarily, but not only, of "the elderly") as a matter of public health/civil protection -theough its white-labcoated [state agents] in medicine, using "covid 19"
    whose very existence is premised on pure hearsay (HE/SHE Expert told me it exists – never been purified or isolated), was THE PERFECT cover – kill two birds with one stone: pop off the pensioners systematically so save billions on pension payments;

    Avoid oversight/detection through a massive campaign of false narratives expounded upon by a corrupted journalistic "class" that scares people into believing that they must avoid hospitals and elder"care" facilities on pain of either spreading or contracting this [never-been isolated/purified] so called new virus

    NB In Canada, the state is the sole purveyor of medical treatment of the allopathic/pharmaceutical/pharma-tech variety. The medical practitioners in Canada enjoy absolute immunity and impunity; they are protected from lawsuits by a publicly funded insurance fund known as the Canadian Medical Protection Agency whose capital base is in the order of 5billion dollars. Anyone wanting to sue a nurse or doctor in Canada, will find quickly that they will be bankrupted as they face a battery of the highest priced lawyers from the biggest law firms in the country. While the find does not cover them in criminal cases, from the experience of having had both my parents brutally murdered by medical practitioners (knowingly and with intent – as was clear from the incontrovertible evidence, some of which was in fact provided by pharmaceutical companies) I can tell you, that The STATE will go through hoops, that include violations of law, to preclude the application of criminal law to such torturers and murderers.

    For some reason, what passes for "the left"
    Simply glosses this over, in some misguided belief that "it is science" so replacing jackbooted brownshirts with syringe-bearing, lab coated "professionals" is perfectly fine, especially in the make beleive world of pandemia;

    2. The "left" has embraced appearance over substance; a political figure with a certain skin colour or fixtures and an insertion-point on the torso and between the legs is by virtue of those attributes alone,"left" so anything they do, is by definition, "left" and thus sacrosanct – they, courtesy of a corrupted media have moved to ensure that criticism will invariably lead to the charge of "racism" or "mysogeny" or "sexism".

    It doesn t matter whether the person with dark skin orders massive carpet bombing of innocent people in a country which never did anything to anyone, but whose people have been traumatized by dint of "geo-strategic" location;

    it doesn t matter whether the person having protrusions of torso and a point of insertion in the middle of the lower hips, secures a lucrative gold mine for her brother's company in a carribbean country associated with poverty, or, for that matter, cracks inane so called humour at the horrible death of a head of state in a hitherto wealthy north Aftican country;

    It seems to me that this is what "the left"
    has become, a sad, insidious, and extremely dangerous shill for very shadowy interests with whom there is clearly a mutually beneficial rapport.

  9. Left and right don’t mean anything in America. There are populists who want the best for America and the American people. And on the other side you have the Globalists who are doing the bidding of the WEF and the Global Elite families and Corporations. Whatever the old paradigms used to be, they’re gone, and even that previous version of left and right in America was not the same as England and certainly not the same paradigm as I hear Russell describe. By his stated values, Russell is far more aligned with Trump than he is with Biden. The problem that I see is that Russell doesn’t seem acquainted with what Trump stands for, and he still is seeing the world from a left vs right paradigm that no longer exists.

    What is happening in the Western nations is the people vs the Globalists that have infiltrated their Governments at the highest levels. These infiltrators are political saboteurs, acting on behalf of the Global Elites who see no reason for their nations to exist. So, they are in the process of using those saboteurs to pass destructive legislation to destroy their own countries. My prediction is that this winter in Europe is going to be devastating, with human suffering like hasn’t been seen since WWII.

  10. The dirty little secret in the US is that the "MAGA" movement is actually classical liberalism, which is a conservative value in the US. MAGA Republicans have more in common with Noam Chomsky than they do with George Bush.

  11. I’ll tell you something now- FOX is too concerned with telling the truth while CNN is just blatantly campaigning. FOX and sometimes Brand who is well educated is talking above the majority of citizens- while CNN just calls Trump names- calls all the republicans in some states – at the airports- bars- they only show CNN- all day- in waiting rooms- it’s brainwashing- it’s campaigning – it’s not news

  12. Russell, stop being a dick to those in your videos that agree with you and are supporting and making your point! I watch your body language, you're totally ahead of them in the conversation. You already know what they're going to say. You get impatient and start fiddling around shit(rings, necklace, etc.) I get it and think that you're so awesome! Only kinda liked you as an actor, your stand-up is great, but these videos are where I respect you the most. So eloquent in what you say. I got told that when I was using grammar correctly, that I was classiest. I only kind of went to college, but I was the only white guy in the downtown kitchen that I worked in for 10 years. I was told by my coworkers to always act right and act like I know how to speak. Maybe it will eventually turn into doing correctly.

  13. It is not an "insane proxy war against Russia" with our support of Ukraine. Its a key point of support to prevent another gain of territory by force from Putin and his expansion agenda, and openly stated attempts to regain a communist regime across the Eastern European area he perceives as his 'own' territory.

  14. Love your blatant double standard there Russ so trump can demand to be president again and encourage his supporters to riot all last week, but Biden can’t call him out ? You’re so lost in your religious anti vax anti mask head state you’re now confused as to what fascism looks like. If some Called out Hitler in the day you’d defend hitler and say it was the others who went too far. Next it will be Putin is a good bloke cause he found Jesus and he’s just misunderstood. You’re opening line wasn’t even remotely accurate as to what Biden said. You’re pathetic these days.

  15. Russell I'd be curious to know in detail what it is you don't like about Trump. I must say I'm not crazy about his egoic personality however his policies and his opening Our Eyes to what's going on in Washington has been more helpful to this country than anything I've ever lived through. Although it seems the opposite I just feel like it is perhaps a little late for us to discover this the depths of what's going on behind the scenes in Washington. On the other hand if he would have opened his mouth sooner he really would have been called a conspiracy theorist. I really don't think he knew himself how bad things were until he got into office . The left , as well as the media , big Tech in Hollywood have proven how much they hate him and fear Him by their constant critical harassment and ongoing "witch hunts" . I think his policies have been uniting helpful to this country and, if we question what he's up to he doesn't have a problem speaking to us unscripted. You'll never see him running away from a camera that's for sure! LOL I think he might be the beginning of Americans being "free" as you say. Living the lives that we choose as opposed to the lives that are chosen for us by the current Administration. I also feel that he's lost a lot of money and respect from a lot of the country because he ran for president and was so abused when he was in office. To me that's speaks a lot of what his motive is. It is not to make money and be omnipotent but to actually help the United States. When I found out before he came president he actually funded two of the veterans parades in New York because they didn't have enough money themselves to carry on with the parade. Also once he was President he did the same thing. I've never seen the president support our troops as much as Trump has. Again, I would love to hear why it is you dislike him so. Maybe I missed where you explained that although I've tried to go back in your videos and find out. Perhaps you could let me know which video or refresh our memories. Love you Channel it is my absolute favorite! I just listened to you and Eckhart Tolle who basically saved my life several years ago. There was a great video interview, thank you for bringing it to us.


  17. Calling out half of the population as semi-fascists and extremists is very dangerous talk for a president, and Trump:love him or hate him never attacked the democrat voter population.

  18. But rump's brown coats go out n do his dirty never mentioned the fact that Rump assassinated a USA one talks about that ..u need to talk about how he is surrounded by Goldman Sachs people.. remember the color the colors of Nazis and communists..see if u fight back ur called a communist . Yawn.. Rump is a puppet. "Any one that gets Into that post is a puppet Rump.. isn't an anomaly.".. David ike… ,

  19. Noam Chomsky said.. Republicans can't tell it's voters that they are for big corporations and the rich so they have to keep you amused by cultural issues.. Noam Chomsky… it's all perverted..both parties..

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