This is the BIGGEST Reason the WEF Will Fail

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  1. The problem with the figures you are estimating is your estimating is that you aren't taking into account the extermination of mankind. The Earth's population population is purposely being radically reduced.

  2. How sustainable is lithium batteries. You throw the batteries out after 5 or 6 years. A gasoline tank can last indefinitely. Look how old some of the cars are in Cuba. 60 to 70 years old.

  3. You mentioned in your video that weren't sure what America was doing. Well, it might the only thing Biden will ever be known for doing 'right', THE CHIP ACT (And I am pretty sure it wasn't him that has thought it out). I know you will have a really good take on what the ramification to China will be, maybe do a talk on it?

  4. Their goal is depopulation which will enable them to survive with their green agenda without first running out of the world's resources. They like illogical and irrational choices because this further contributes to the chaos.

  5. we need 20x as many nukes, and steam ahead build 2,3 new generations of them: malten salt, breeder, and eventually thorium.

    we would have been in a much much better place now if we hadnt built any wimill and pv panel, the last 20y, but instead relaunched the nuclear industry.

  6. Solutions to these problems:

    1. Open Keystone and approve oil drilling in Alaska and build domestic oil refineries

    2. Build 3rd & 4th generation nuclear power plants and accelerate the development of LFTR technology

    3. Fund the development of gyrotron drilling for geothermal energy plants

    4. Revitalize domestic industrial chemistry (Haber–Bosch Ammonia, Oxidation of Ammonia into Nitric Acid, increase Sulfuric Acid production, etc.)

    5. Regulate and promote Iron fertilization of the ocean to replenish global fish populations and increase oceanic life while also removing vast amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere

    6. Stratospheric Aerosol Injection as a last resort to cool the planet down if necessary

    7. Humanure composting (composting instead of flushing to build fertile soil and replenish soil minerals)

    8. Robotic Asteroid Mining

    Of these solutions, only numbers 3 & 8 and LFTR technology require a bit more research and development. We are extremely close to making these things a reality. SpaceX and Starship are poised to bring us into a new space age that will open the doors for asteroid mining and space colonization. Gyrotron drilling is currently possible, even if it has never been tested in the field before… we already have solutions to our problems – if only we cared enough to actually implement them. I'm sure it's only a small fraction of our annual defense budget.

  7. This guy is so uninformed that it sounds like he works for tptb. He has no idea what the secret technology that's been supressed by murdering the inventor and stealing the tech… only to lock it down and have exclusive military use. 2 when you call it AI arrogance and ignorance you do the perps job for them. When you call debt anything but counterfeit you fail to realize that this shitstorm was planned in 1913 at Jekyll island and is proceeding exactly as planned on schedule. There's more

  8. I have for a long time been amazed with the term, throw away vehicles. When they reach 100,000 miles throw them away. Did you realize we live in a throw away world? If it had been meant for the world to continue for eternity, we would never run out of oil or animals or water. It was never meant to serve us forever and it is about at it's end. You would have to study THE book to find out.

  9. Bingo .. They do know exactly what they're doing, and they are leading us into another Dark Age .. Interestingly, the same institution that ruled during the Dark Ages is central to this current push for world government and a return to Feudalism .. The Vatican.

  10. My God would it kill this guy to state his summary thesis at the very beginning of the video rather than make us sit through 45 minutes? Everyone has a video that "you gotta see!" but there are only 24 hours in the day

  11. But Chris, they're not figuring like you are, they want death, suffering, famine, torture. They're not planning on us, the people, to have adequate electricity, lights, heat, air conditioning, refrigeration or anything else that we have today. They can't even provide enough in California to charge their force electric cars.

  12. wouldn`t a dark age save the environment? if that`s what we have to do to survive and not go extinct from climate change, then we have to create a new dark age. elon musk will be bummed that he can`t go to mars, but that will never happen anyway.

  13. Our current band of leaders are all children of the WEF. They are all in this together. Russia will take no part of it because they have already been through this nonsense… communism, plain and simple.

  14. Sure glad to gain your knowledge here on what the ridiculous amounts of minerals it will take to get to achieve their net 0 emissions. I knew it before as when other attempts were made and it was not a success. You can only subsidize oil and gas or be more efficient as to waste less. All these people moving into America is added emissions by the way and do they know yet. Then all the debt that’s been made since 2020 the environment has to pay for it, people do the work, so was that a good choice in starting a war in Russia. Russia doesn’t blend into this idea, are the environmentalist over there monitoring the emissions to destroy a small country.

  15. We can completely unleash the LNG market here in The United States, that would be the start of a solution, and maximizing farm subsidies instead of taxes! That is an easy place to start, and give up this electric everything concept, that saves a ton of money, and also funds cheaper food, cheaper energy, and choices for folks!

  16. Per Bak, pioneering researcher into "self organized criticality," said it was impossible in principle, even with perfect knowledge, to know exactly when or how severely a collapse would occur. (However, it is easier to demonstrate with rice piles than sand piles, because real sand grains rather than a computer simulation tend to interlock with each other.) Libertarians who talk about the advantages of self organizing systems, usually in the context of economics, never seem to mention the very real possibility that they may organize themselves into a critical state leading to collapse.

  17. Out of all the times you mentioned math, not once did I see a paper that said profit on it. I’m not sure what all these other numbers are but I can assure you chunky and gang don’t care about it. 😂😅😢

  18. “They” would surely have contingency plans for every potential outcome, no? I have a difficult time imagining they have contingency plans for their large corporations or even larger asset management firms. This they’re just flying by the seat of their pants? Come on Chris, you’re allowing yourself to be distracted by the marketing only it’ s an opposite direction than those kids with spegettios and a Van Gogh painting.

    You know there’s no real concern for the environment pollution or carbon. That said, they’ve positioned the new carbon markets to have a ton of high profile business supporters. As for the fools running us into the ground… their stupidity is a feature. If you had brilliant people making these decisions, there would be a whole lot more questions from every direction.

  19. A decade I read this book on the advice of an investment analyst. Great stuff.
    Ubiquity: Why Catastrophes Happen
    by Mark Buchanan | Nov 5, 2002
    He discussed how the sand particle dropping could reflect what risks may be associated with investment conditions.
    ==> watch for combining stressors for avalanches …

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