This Is The Early Stages of Civil War, Cops AMBUSHED, Democrats Denounce Trump Military Action,

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  1. They are mostly burning down their own liberal stronghold areas so most patriotic conservatives are just shaking their heads at the moment when they tell us we can't pray to our Lord and heavenly father but allow this its no good so it could happen

  2. You are part of the problem too, you are making this bigger than it has too, you should reveal all your personal and business tax returns so that we make sure you are not also being sponsored by this whole sht show. Instead of solely focusing on critizing "the other side" the "Democrats", you should focus on how we could try find common ground against evil forces that go beyond the two party system we currently have, and btw they are on both sides, YOU may be one of them or getting sponsored by them!!!

  3. At this point, these people are Domestic Terrorists. They're extremist who are using violence, fear and intimidation to achieve their political aims. Not only that, they're attempting to "occupy" American soil, so you can say this is an act of War.

    Honestly, if these people want to LARP about being freedom fighters fighting against "Tyranny" I say let them, and I hope they all get shot.

    Our constitution protects our rights to Protest, not RIOT and LOOT and commit senseless Violence.

  4. This is now war. And I will defend my property, friends, family, and myself against these insurgents. And all police who take the side of Antifa, rioters, looters, or attempt to apprehend me for defending myself will be considered enemies, as well.

  5. Yeah we are in the beginning of a civil war. Trump declared half the country as enemies of the people. The police are assaulting innocent protesters every day. The police are assaulting the media, which Trump has declared an enemy of the people. We're in a civil war because Republicans are stuck in the 20th century.

  6. No military action is needed, just register cases against celebrities and social media owners in a controlled state and give them stiff sentences for inciting violence and this thing will die down, it's artificial and not a civil war.
    Have the balls to go against inciters.

  7. If Biden wins this is going to ramp up by 10. Expect to see the un going door to door confiscating weapons, and mass curfews with heavy penalties. And anyone who doesnt agree with them is labeled a racist homophobe and imprisoned for wrong think. And your business can be open only if they allow you

  8. As much as dont want to see it happen. I agree with you Tim about a new civil war happening. Things have gottwn out of hand and as you said riots are starting in suburban areas it is only a matter of time before it makes it to rural towns as well. I just hope that everyone is prepared to deal with the realization that this is not going to be over anytime soon.

  9. how many deathd for george floyd death?
    I can't still get over that little BLACK girl kill by BLM at the site of Rayshard Brook death, a child abuser Drunk driver who resisted arrest assaulted cops ran from crime scene stole Police weapon shoot at the police, and BLM are protesting for him but not that 8y/o girl that they shot!!! at the same site….
    BLM is a fraud, actions speak louder then words:
    what BLM is doing has nothing to do with what they are pretending to defend and promote.