This Is The End Times

With a new Amazon worker app designed to ban words like “Union,” “Restrooms,” and “Pay Raise” – do we need to re-evaluate just how low we think Amazon will go?
#Amazon #JeffBezos #Union #Censorship

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. To many me speech people pretending to be free speech people.
    Limiting any part of speech is censorship. Whether it's swearing, or taking shots at someone or something, stating an opinion a point of view or speaking a truth in fact, satire or other.
    Mentalities have been reduced, common sense is almost obsolete and offense is the theme of the 21st century. Just fucking Sad! Can we get rid of those who feel offended?

  2. We must come together as the human race and work together for positive changes instead of being distracted by constantly fighting with one another over (STUPID) issues; while evil corporations and corrupt politicians are making (HUGE) profits for themselves !!!

  3. They are pushing us all to only be tuned to order from Amazon or go to Walmart or Costco. Bullshit, I'll eat weeds out of my local area before that's the only places I can Gerry anything. Stopped Amazon after they started killing their working people and telling other employees not to talk about it.

  4. One of the best companies I worked for had profit sharing. They never had to unionize. Workers got paid fairly, and on top of that recieved profit bonus. In a real good year, they could easily double their salary. The owner still made tons of money, but the workers made a lot, too. They never really complained about work, and were willing to work harder to make that bonus bigger. It wasn't mandated by any government either. It was just the buisness model. And it worked very well. I'm not smart enough in economics to know if this is feasible in more places or not. But the workers were hard working, happy, and willing to really help reach other. They all had a great relationship with the owner, they called him "pops".

  5. When are people going to wake up and quit supporting ( by not buying ) their products. With profit, comes power. With power, comes contempt. With Contempt, it leads to the WEFs new world order. Is this not obvious enough for even the most dull witted? Or they just don't care. Until it actually happens to them.

  6. According to many leftists lately, a lack of authoritarian censorship would threaten democracy itself. They should all be thrilled that the billionaire Jeff Bezos is banning speech, unlike that other billionaire, the Nazi Elon Musk is trying to do.

  7. Lmao Amazon censoring the slaves from dangerous speech like I would like a pay rise !!! FFS, anyone who claims to be awake should boycott this poster corporation for the new world order .
    For many years the corporate takeover has been slow but constant ,now it's on full tilt …..

  8. My union was kissing my works ass when they should have been there for me after I got treated like sh#t for years,abuse,blackmail and bullying and that was every day every week every year.but our union just made is worse as they were working with/for our company,so they wouldn't put a step wrong else they would be fired..I would love to say who I worked for but probably get sued for slander 😤

  9. Perhaps if we weren’t all obsessed with consumerism, we wouldn’t be creating such power imbalances, ruining the environment by buying more than we need and inadvertently disenfranchising the everyday person just trying to make a living.

  10. The US postal service hires knuckleheads who barely work. Amazon pays a lot more and expects people to actually work. If you’re delivering things for a living than you probably have few other options. People should quit if they aren’t satisfied. Go elsewhere

  11. No one dislikes workers uniting to fight for what they need its when they don't disband after getting what they want when everyone has a problem.
    Unfortunately its just a matter of time before unions become corperate and have more in common with owners than workers .

  12. It's words that they ban, that gives you an insight into their character. Not that we are in any doubt are we? We all want cheaper goods, the irony is that these companies are making the World a more expensive place for all of us.

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