This is the real Pfizer scandal, and it’s not the one you think

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  1. It dosnt matter if you are infected,vaccinated or not if you have a virus or bacteria on your person because like a super market trolley you can still pass it on.There fore thousands of dedicated care workers were un justly fired for not being jabbed!

  2. A proper study of none vaccinated people to vaccinated people needs to be looked at with scientific data ,I am unvaccinated and have caught covid once in three years , this is enough proof to me that a health body fights infection by exposure…people that smoked had already damaged their lungs 🫁 and catching any flu virus is extremely dangerous for these groups of people…This is why number crunching doesn’t give a true Analysis , it doesn’t take in to account life style up until covid exposure…
    I’ll stick to old Remedies , hot toddy..Whiskey honey hot water..

  3. The Table just mentions Cases, there's that crafty old word again. Also, the Table has a suspiciously low number in the 75 and over age group in both cohorts. Given the alleged fatalities have stubbornly stuck at an average age of 81 to 82, meaning a large parcel had to be over that age for that to be the average, then the Table just doesn't ring true. But, they are talking about Cases, so what tests, exactly, did they make to conjure up the Case numbers? Did they employ the PCR Test (the one the inventor said should not be used for this purpose), and did they standardise the test between cohorts, or did they tweak the cycles between cohorts to get the number of Cases they wanted in each one? How many were actually sick? In the UK, the most effective booster driving the elderly pine box figures appeared to have been the amazing Mr Midazolam!

  4. Safe and effective? Experimental? Pfizer conned everyone. What about their contracts? Totally redacted.
    How about the excess deaths in all cause mortality. We will wait till all the data is collected. I’m sure there will be many more opportunities to question the ethics of Pfizer et al. Why did it take a court order to have relevant data released? They rely are quite capable of obscuring reality without your help.

  5. NZ went full dystopian covid passports to even get a haircut and be accepted at a golf course! Holy hell this level of unnecessary authoritarianism should bring the government down. There are still vaccine mandates in NZ in Oct 2022!

  6. Piers Morgan "… I took quite firm views …" – this nasty, vicious little man now trying to minimize his role in demonizing and ostracizing the unvaccinated.

  7. People like Piers Morgan in the media can't be excused here for a change from their previously aggressive pro injection stance now the narrative is unraveling. Back when the pro injection propaganda was being pushed 24/7 he would have known full well in editorial meetings that no dissent or questioning would be allowed, and would also be aware of the extreme cesnsorship of health experts who didn't go along with it.

  8. True about the scum media and don't forget lying peaces of trash like Dr Fauci and the WHO, but Pfizer had plenty of opportunities to make this fact clear and they chose not to, why?…..Profit

  9. I’m sure if it was the other way around ie “the vaccine”did stop transmission and the media was saying that it didn’t, then Pfizer would have put out a massive legal/advertising campaign to correct them. Why did Pfizer allow mis/disinformation about its product? Because they had a common agenda with the media and they wouldn’t make the massive profit that they did – ?
    BTW, it’s not a “vaccine”, and this video is pointless once you understand how corrupted the clinical trials were. Why don’t you investigate that to start with?

  10. "Still extremely bad"? No, it's worse . One unscrupulous company skimping on testing in order to make a fast buck? No surprise there. The cultural institutions whose job it is to suspect, investigate, and publish keeping important information from the public in order to prop up a "message" that it was their business to know was unsupported? That is much worse.

  11. How can you qualify PM as well informed? As you have pointed out, the information was available. PM made false and damaging statements precisely because his research was inadequate and because the UK media as a whole was incapable of contradicting him, presumably because their research was likewise inadequate. Perhaps the real scandal then is that people like PM can cause immense harm to the general populace by uttering what are casual opinions and they can do this with no risk to themselves.

  12. Of course…The "Virus" has not been isolated! Go to Professor Stefan Lanka who won his bet! He got same genetic code readout with or without sputum and lung fluid sent from Wuhan. The "Virus" does not comply with even ONE of KOCH,S POSTULATES!…According to NSO the hospitalisation of "C" patients who have had the "V,s" is 80%…Ergo…It is NOT a "V–c-ne"!…PS Mr Cristian Terhes and his inquiry group have demanded the resignation of Ursula Von Den Leyen!….See Vid on EXPOSE!"….LA5 England

  13. So we are to trust the trial tests results by people that are untrustworthy. Using a test that isn't for the purpose for which it is used , to find a disease that no one can prove exists . All bollocks .

  14. I agree. I didn’t take it because this was known at outset and I discovered that quite easily back at the end of 2020. It was actually on Pfizer’s website for all to see. I’ve been shouted down on the tweeter for saying that but it’s true. By forming a pile on to Pfizer and the drug companies by the main stream media and useful mouthpiece politicians distracts from the fact it was really the medias incompetence and fear mongering narrative. It’s MSM that should be vilified.

  15. But now it's known that the v'ed are more likely to get infected with Cvid than the unv'ed, even the indirect case (as you put it) that it lessens transmission in the v'ed is now untrue.

  16. No. Because they have always said that you can transmit a disease you do not have I.e asymptomatic spread. One scientists did let it slip though. Then they realised they can’t say that if it reduces symptoms therefore transmission.

  17. I don’t understand why those who took the jab by choice, feel so duped by this. If you decided to be a trial participant to experimental drugs without informed consent. And some continued taking.. lol.. boosters, even after the Fizer day sheet listed 9 pages of side effects that they tried to hide from the public for 75 years. So those people decided to be trial experiments to dangerous experimental drugs with proven negative side effects, without any proof of it working in any way. So why do those people feel so tricked?

  18. The missing link: The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes

    If you want to know why there is a breakdown of authority you should read this book.

  19. Morgan,a shite journalists who doesn’t do any investigations into the subjects he’s reporting on? Or just another journo only too willing to get his face in the trough with the political elite💁‍♂️

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