This is the vibe in Ottawa tonight at Freedom Convoy

1000s of protestors show up to Ottawa once again to support Canadian Truckers and the Freedom Convoy.

#freedomconvoy2022 #convoy #freedomconvoy

vid courtesy Ottawalks – great quality Ottawa live streams

Written by AdamH


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  1. A sad day in our history. Regardless of arguments on both sides of this, it is clear as day, beyond all the propaganda, Canadians have lost their freedom of choice.

  2. The Canadian people should carry on and not give up. They should not be held hostage by their Prime Minister and the government as a whole. Justin Trudeau does not represent Canada and he is a disgrace to his country that he is currently in charge of.

  3. Now understand : this is the chastisement of The Lord upon the world. " Hark who goes their?" It is I, Devastation, I was sent by the Most-Holy of Holy, My orders to Devatate the world and the inhabitants of the world, both believers and non-believers, rich and poor ALL are the same to me, I have no prejudices it's not over Watch and Pray. The word of the Lord, " I will make the inhabitants' of the earth more rare then gold."


    With one exception discussed below, I firmly advocate that protest must be done lawfully and that illegal behaviour be stopped immediately with significant consequences resulting. This, however, does not happen in Canada because unlawful protest is allowed to go on and on with virtually no consequences, as evidenced by many previous protests. The government created the incentive for this strategy and the freedom truckers responded accordingly.

    The protestors broke many of the laws that were identified in your message. The worst was the parking of trucks. The existence of those laws was sufficient for the police to enforce lawful order without delay. This was demonstrated by the peaceful removal of blockades such as at the border. The fact that did not happen earlier is the failure of the government and the police. Because existing laws were sufficient to restore order, there was no need for the Emergency Act and I am supported in that view by the Canadian Constitution Federation and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, which have initiated a legal challenge.

    Personally, civil disobedience over freedoms has always been a difficult matter for me to deal with and assess. Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Mandela all engaged in civil disobedience that broke laws. They did so knowing that there would be consequences. I am happy that they did so even though they broke laws. The current protesters are also of the view that they are fighting for freedom and feel that they, too, must engage in civil disobedience to be heard. They said they are prepared to pay the consequences. I did not see the current protesters engaging in arson, destruction of buildings and violence to other individuals (such as what has happened in other protests, including in the US where, despite this lawlessness, no War Measures Act was ever contemplated). In contrast, the current freedom protestors would be best described as being peaceful.

    After careful consideration, I cannot demonize the freedom truckers or want them destroyed because on-the-whole, they engaged in peaceful civil disobedience similar to that of Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Mandela.

    Let’s now look at what I think is the worst treatment of Canadians by a government in over 50 years. The government, under the Emergencies Act, has seized the money in bank accounts of people associated with the protest. These people have not been charged with anything. They are being dealt with on a retroactive basis and they have no right to a hearing or to defend themselves. Essentially, they have been destroyed by heavy government fiat. Try to imagine how you or they would be able to care of themselves, spouses, children, pay mortgages, taxes etc. Don’t worry, some may say, you can take the government to court over its evil conduct. Not true. The Emergencies Act prevents any action being taken against the banks or the government. This is a common place approach to dissenters in Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and now it is in Canada. Who, I ask, is “ Standing on Guard for thee” in Canada today?

    Now we need to find a leader who can heal our despondent nation.

  5. Hermoso me encanta q no los puedan parar bravoooooo Dios los bendiga fuerza hermanos 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠

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  7. Im so glad the police showed their hand, along with Trudeau. All evil is gathering and uniting under one banner, and not bothering pretending to be one of the good guys. Makes things so much simpler.

  8. I pity the police that did this . Their families will know, their children will be bullied for it.
    How do you explain that you were a force of evil to all of Canada.
    There will probably be suicides as a result. Police and their children. My God, what have you done?
    There is also now a list of the police that can be called upon in the future by the small petty tyrant. A list of police that would be capable of loading Jews on a train.

  9. Canadian truckers had peaceful same time Trudeau sending 750 million to Ukraine plus 20 million for semiautomatic rifles for Ukraniean people to protect there rights. Hope the truckers remenber that.if they are asked to go fight to protect someone else rights. They can send RCMP..Take there horses with them.The people who protested and considered criminals can stay in Canada and protect our borders.Remenber RCMP swear alliance to the Queen.not to Canadian people.

  10. It’s interesting that Canada was a country you never heard much about! Then all of a sudden they are the center of attention and the start of a movement that spread across the world. God Bless the Canadian people for ringing in freedom around the globe! Greetings from California!

  11. No vaccine. no masks. no social distancing. This is a superspreader event and some of these morons are going to end up on the sorry antivaxxer or the Herman Cain award website

  12. A lot like Russia in Canada now with protesters , That main guy will die in jail just like Russia.. Dont stand up or you will die.

    We need power for the people, Were all the same just divided

    Sanctions should be on placed Canada

  13. Sadly, it will end soon and the government will win!
    People in power can and will never give in to the Will of the people…they can't, or they lose their power, and nothing is more important than their power!

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