This is the video ACA doesn’t want you to see

Rebel News and Real Rukshan fact-checked last night’s segment of A Current Affair. Count the lies. GET THE TEE:



Rebel News:

Written by Avi Yemini

Proud Ozraeli


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  1. We are all United and thats why Aussie Cossack is getting it hard all three great freedom fighters United together against the oppressive government thanks for fighting for our freedoms we all gotta stand up and take a part in fighting for freedom.

  2. Damnit, I was looking forward to hearing Simeon speak but knew Avi would be irritating journo style and uneducated on the topic. A wasted opportunity at an interesting concept, I had to turn it off.

  3. ACA promote themselves as journalists. lol What a fluff show that is. Always trying to bait people and doing the hard work so we can get the best deal at coles. They are a corrupt joke.

  4. All of the people in his YouTube comments will be saying positive things because he is deleting anybody's comments that don't agree with the crap he's pushing. So much for free speech. I used to think this guy was a legend, now I just watch him to see how much more of a knob he can be.

  5. Nice interview, Putin has been in power for a long time without him there the west would have planted a subordinate by Soros, the New World Order has there eye on the final chess piece Russia, which was destroyed in the past by the Bolsheviks funded by New York Bankers.

  6. Let's compare the integrity of ACA vs Aussie Cossak.
    ACA doesn't allow comments on their YouTube stories, AC does. What are ACA afraid of?
    ACA use a one sided argument approach and only use experts who support their narrative. AC stands for freedom of the people and openly listens to what the people want. He supports all cultures and ethnic minorities.
    ACA should honestly stick to stories about saving money at the supermarket!!

  7. The world is exactly opposite to what we are told. As an exAustralian soldier, it pains me to see that not only are we not on the side of right ( but think we are as usual)! But that the lie is so much bigger, this leads back to Obama’s time with the Biden's neck deep in corruption with this event from then until now…

  8. Avi definitely out of his depth and constantly screeching. Rushkan was horrified and attempted intervention. Avi attempting to Interview knowlegable, calm and professional Simeon was clearly not a success.

  9. All three of you are against the true foundations of this Commonwealth…. The foundation that ties the people in a line of Authority which this Government operates outside of. Not once have any of these three talked about the discrepancy between the Imperial Tudor Crown Our line of Authority exists through, and the Saint Edwards Crown AUSTRALIA the foreign administration operates under. If they can't hold up a foundation in Law they can't hold up anything.

  10. Rebull news desperate for a story sink to even lower lows, when you saw the bottom of the barrel , they now bring you silt dregging.How long would the "THE SACK" be walking around in the place he adores if he protested over there ?

  11. ACA is the propaganda outfit. Avi is wrong? Avi is turning into a propagandist. Russia is only is concerned with protecting its borders, ethnic Russians in traditional russian lands & in keeping nato off its doorstep. Ukraine is one of the most nazi places in the world. Soros is jewish too but he betrays them repeatedly. Ukraines leader is a dc stooge put into office to do the swamps bidding. You mean the Russia, India, Brazil alliance? And Australia is not a good country anymore. It is itself a tyranny.

  12. Avi, the cia is funding opposition in Russia. They should be arrested. Democracy is a dumbass idea. That’s why America’s Founders hated it. It’s why they established a republic instead.

  13. AVI the pro Christians there pagans in Ukraine. Fact check. This so called red Russian is so out of touch with Russians from Russia he should watch Russians channels like Roman and tell them the believe in this war . Avi love your work.

  14. I don't feel Avi nor Ruckshan are exactly as opened minded on this situation as they could be but that's fair and what it is all about I guess.
    Walking a fine line though by justifying certain countries defending themselves, very violently but others not being allowed to do the same.
    It's very clear there's way more happening none of us know about but maybe Putin himself. Zelensky isn't exactly trustworthy either, may not be a nazi but I wouldn't be surprised if he can and does commit just as much bad.

  15. Funny how the same people outraged over Simeon standing next to some guy in charge when a plane was accidentally shot down… have zero outrage over Obama holding the record for deliberate bombing deaths of civilians.

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