This Is The WORST Person On The Internet.


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  1. Calling Taylor Lorenz a "journalist" is about as disingenuous as continuing to refer to Florida's Parental Rights Bill as the "don't say gay bill". Just stop it. She's nothing but a serial bully & cyber stalker hiding behind her illegitimate job description. She's no more a journalist than I am a 15 year old Chinese gymnast.

  2. Just remember that doxing (like most things) is horrible when it’s done to the woke left but is totally fine and in fact something they should get a head pat for when they do it.
    Because Libs of tick-tock is one of those horrible people on the internet who reposts (without edits) videos that woke tic tickers post.
    So is the content the horrible thing or is just signal boosting the videos the horrible thing?

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