This is unbelievable

The savings that will come with the gas tax holiday


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  1. That is another slap in the face, pat on the head, and kick in the b you tt. Next we will be told there is not enough money to maintain road so we need some kind of new tax.

  2. I love how they throw in that it will save Americans "70 million dollars a day" to sound impressive! With that 70 million dollars they would save per day they forgot to add "60 million drivers" to that line. What a joke!!

  3. I'm so glad that I have the honor of spending $200 to fill up my gas tank, and that the tax is going to pay for a plane ticket to fly some illegal immigrant somewhere in this country where they're needed! I'm truly fortunate to be able to participate in this tyranny in some small way!

  4. It figures that Robin Williams would bring someone on her show and and brag about saving $2.21 a week she should be ashamed of that segment but of course they all kiss Biden's a**

  5. Can't wait to see how much this Admin helps to save American families this 4th July picnic.. Last year was 6 whole cents. And now another $2.21/wk, we're living large this year. Thanks Schmuck brain Biden!

  6. "Adds up over time"? Yeah, a life-changing $36 over 3 months. WOW! Should I start planning my Mediterranean vacation now or wait until I actually have the $36 in my hand?

  7. Wait wait, let me get this straight, we might save $2.21 a week?!?!…

    “HONEY! We can go out and get that frisbee we always wanted”…..


  8. $5 whole dollary dooos huh?! Well gee golly willikers! I can go buy one whole potato to honor ole JoeSniff Potatus in Chip Biden with that!
    It will make the other $125 it costs to fill up hurt that much less. I’m clicking my heels right now. Yippee!
    Fck. Them. All.

  9. So the compact, over 12 weeks saves them a grand total of $26.52. Meanwhile, the spending those taxes pay for is already spent. $70 million a day, according to those idiots, is not being collected. I'm not a smart man, but wouldn't the $70 million missing a day cause more harm than the $26 the drivers will be saving?

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