This is utter madness.

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  1. This all started when Liebour had a emotional crisis about the illegal economic migrants being processed in barracks and demanded they get put into 4 star luxury hotels.

  2. People are missing the big picture……40.000 Is not going to be anywhere near the real figure…..they will get another 5 family members over each at least….so that is 400.000…do that for 10 years is 4 Million….add to that the kids they will certainly have over that Ten years….all to be payed for by the Tax payer…..the numbers are Mind boggling.

  3. Surely it would be easier to just given them an American Express credit card and let them go wherever they like and just book into someplace? That way they might spread out a bit more and give other towns and cities a chance to benefit from the diversity. Would that not relieve the pressure a bit? There is plenty room for everyone after all.

  4. There are rumours going around that the iIIegal migrants being ferried in by the RNLI are part of a secretly trained United Nations army, ready to be unleashed by the government when and if mass riots kick off in the near future.

  5. And now the Albanians will settle a whole region of UK, make themselves a significant minority there, then start and independence movement claiming "We lived here before UK even existed". What goes around, comes around, UK.

  6. Invasion is not even a mean word. It is another word the left want to stop people using. A host on LBC radio station stopped a man using the word Globalist recently stating it was offensive to Jewish People. They are trying to deflect discussing the topic at hand by obsessing on perfectly acceptable words people are using.

  7. For those living under a rock and outraged with stuff like this, go read up on the Kalergi plan. These policies are designed to diminish and kill off white europeans for another group that has zero loyalty and is easier to control.

    Protip: the traitors putting in these policies won't be removed by prayer, voting, protests or legal action.

  8. Paul, The people who say these people are welcome are the same eco-nazi's vegan-nazi's. . Why can't they see that more people in Great Britain means more energy consumption?

  9. Testimony of Jeremy Thomas Robbins:

    When I was a young man I enjoyed what most young party going men liked, such as girls, beer and drugs. I would have sex with any girl, any time and anywhere. For so long I am not sure how many I have been with at this point. I had little to no morals nor cares about anything really. The only thing I held onto was my word as I was taught when I was a child, that a man is measured by his word and to keep your promises. So, IF I said I was going to do something, I did it no matter the cost. That being said, one night I awoke from my sleep. Sat up in my bed and vocally promised myself I was going to read the bible. Not sure why, to this day I still have no understanding as to why I made this my word. So I sobered up and started to read….. and read and read more. Turns out the bible is a rather large book and it was taking me some time to do it. But I gave my word and I kept on reading it and as I read it the words where convicting my soul. I could feel something in my heart start to turn and became uneasy. Then one night, when I was asleep. I awoke to a presence in the hall at the end of my bed. I could see something was there but I was not able to see what it was. Then I heard a disgusting noise coming from it and I told it.

    You're disgusting!!

    Then out of the silence, out of the darkness I heard.


    And it grabbed me.

    Then I awoke not knowing I was in a dream as the entire dream was where I was and how I was. "Never had a dream like this before and never had another like it again."

    The crazy part…. I still felt right where "IT" grabbed me, as if the tightness of its grip was still on me.

    To say the least I have seen something that is not normal nor good. There are evil things in this world we can not explain nor understand but I know as true as the air in my lungs. Spirits are real, so is God and his Son's name is Jesus.

    This is my testimony.

  10. The English government should be buying all the ocean front real estate condominiums in Albania and house the economic migrants there. It would still be a cheaper option than what is currently being done.

  11. All English people should get the first ferry or Eurostar to France, then throw away your passport and buy a blow up dinghy and start making your way back to England. When you land, say you're Albanian or Syrian and claim your freebies…..

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