This Is What They’re Not Telling You About Russia

The invasion of Ukraine has sparked talk of sanctions and financial crackdowns from Western leaders. But does this ring true and how have these leaders previously profited from connections to Russian money?
#Putin #Russia #Ukraine #Oligarchs


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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Russia Putin WANTS to rule the world. The Foundation of Geopolitics by Aleksandr Dugin is the template. Infiltration, fake news and conspiracy theories weaken Europe, NATO, the UK and US. Then comes Russian invasion of the world, starting with Ukraine.

  2. Hi Russel from Perth Western Australia, I love your honesty and frank comments. Its so refreshing that we don't have to listen to double speak. Great Job I have give your Youtube address to all my friends here and back in the UK. Good luck with the shows in the UK.

  3. I seriously dont understand much of Russell anymore. Its funny and its filled with information, but theres no clear lines in what he is trying to convey. of course its brilliant and great and all that(nah). It has nothibng do to with the conflict. What the F Did Russell say about moral compasses? Who cares? So if someone attacked China that would be ok, because we dont agree with China? No its called INTERNBATIONAL LAW and Crimes against humanity and so on. its the action from Russia thats reacted upon not every corrupt transaction going on in the world, We will have to take that one another decade. Im sure 99 % of people just gobble this up. There are valid points, but he does not make his point clear and it does not make sense to me. If you watched it many many times and it makes sense to you after checking the sources, thats great. But it doesnt work for me.

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