THIS Is Why Farmers Protests Have Gone Global

Is the coverage of populist movements, like the uprising in Sri Lanka, smeared to appease a globalist agenda? That’s too much of a conspiracy theory, isn’t it!? I spoke with the journalist and former co-host of The Hills Kim Iversen about how some global agencies (WEF) seem to have an influence on the way that nations devise policy, for example, the font of the changes around fertilizer that would bankrupt farmers. #farmers #truckers #protest

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I’m sorry but if the people losing the media is the mark of the people losing the world. The media was lost 30 years ago! If the media is the yardstick that we’re measuring by. Then we lost years ago and we’re all screaming into the abyss and it’s not yelling back! Kim here seems to have good intentions. But she appears to be a bit too young and a little bit too late. Unfortunately the globalist model is already in third gear and coming out of the second turn. We’re still stumbling at the start gate fighting with each other about how to get out of first gear! GOD HELP US!!

  2. Is the mainstream media the propaganda arm of the globalist movement ? – It's only my humble opinion but I think that their censorship of any issue that goes against the globalist agenda clearly proves that they are indeed the Propaganda Ministry of the WEF and it's puppet states.. As for us having already lost.. The WEF and their disciples are playing a long game, they believe that if they stifle media coverage for long enough and refuse to engage with the protests (or even ignore them completely..) the protesters will eventually lose heart and fade away, no matter how angry they are. It will be a long hard road but if the protesters can play their WEF influenced governments at their own 'long game' all is not necessarily lost..

  3. Russell 😎 thanks again for having the ⚾🏀to say all of what's on just about everyone's mind these days 👍👍 Look forward to watching every day!! We need a 🌎🌍🌏 movement!!! Much love from NJ 🇺🇸

  4. Trump had near zero capacity to appoint anyone, if McConnell disagreed. Hence McConnell – per many sources like the Daily Wire’s new docuseries “The Enemy Within”, is clearly “compromised” by China – might as well have made most all those appointments himself.

    Some experts believe upwards of fully half on Capitol Hill are compromised.

  5. Trump and Musk are controlled opposition there is no political solution Trump is a really good shill his master Sorros trained him well and had his boy steve M at treausury to act as Trumps handler

  6. Russel is getting extremely disrespectful with his guests lately not paying attention and pretending to go along with what they are saying and doing it very clearly.

  7. I don't understand Kim's point about this being a new thing with the media. Manufacturing consent was written 40 years ago and was based on either further back. I certainly don't see her push for trump as a good idea. Trump is about trump. That is it.

  8. Yes the mainstream corporate media are dirty and are owned by the drug companies, WHO,WEF and other non government organizations. Do the math if you don’t see it. The human spirit is ment to be free. Freedom and life without fear is what they are after

  9. The outcome to individual farmers and small business is certain similar to what happened before the Great Depression in the 1930’s. Many lost their farms and business and were destitute for years. Similar events across all countries continue. MSM are a weapon, tech platforms are tools and like both can be used for positive or negative outcomes. Sometimes simultaneously. Shadow and light are intensifying. I walk in light and see many others doing the same.

    No humans have rights except those that are given by the ruling class which are easily taken away. People need to reject the fear used to drive us apart and judging each other for political persuasions.

    The ruling class are humans and like the masses of people, they are subject to physically expiring.
    We might as well stand up for ourselves and each other while we’re here. 💟☮️☯️

  10. It's just Bolshevism, Bro… same as always. Same people, same tactics. The war didn't magically end, we all just went to sleep and started buying things thinking we were free.

  11. Organized global protests, MLK style….I believe great effort should be made to be impactful while organized and calm so that any protests cannot be distorted by the mainstream media

  12. This show, in itself, highlights the fundamental problem that we all face!
    Everything is talk, talk and more talk.
    10:17 "Do you think we need a global protest movement"?
    Soliciting more comments from the viewing public achieves nothing.
    An 'all talk and no action' strategy results in no changes and no-one is prepared to initiate the opening salvo against the global elite. 
    If YT dislikes a comment then they simply block it. The media and government has most definitely become the enemy.

  13. Dear Russell. Thank God you are here with us. Stay blessed and don't stop what you are doing. WE need you, your wisdom, your witty comedy and the real truth that's trashed and censored by the few people in power !

  14. California agriculture produces 13.5%of the nations agriculture receipts (output?). Number 2 on the list, Iowa produces 7.26%. California, as well as other states, pay their farmers NOT to grow anything. Does that make any sense? Losing California to anti agriculture will have an enormous impact on the food supply for the US, and yet our Government has it's own shady motives behind this. How does it make sense to restrict agricultural output when we are so "overpopulated"?

  15. Hey Russel I’m concerned about the pedophilia in Hollywood and the grip it has on some people who want to speak out….. also I’m currently pursuing acting and modeling so wish me luck 🙏!! And if u have any producers who can help I’d love any 😆

  16. I’m not sure the masses have to rely on a singular “benevolent king” to stimulate a movement large enough to shift the agenda of topic on the global forum Miss Iversen.
    It would certainly make things easier with help, however everyone has a voice. So it could be said just by the efforts of yourself and the old codger raising awareness to this escalating issue will get the public stimulation needed to nudge the agenda. Just need more public comments, shares and super likes.

    Good to see

  17. Kim is awesome!😚 it's so good to see some bravery.👍🤳 if I had one wish it would be to make a difference for the better✌ not money, can't eat money. And it's not cool to kill my kids to feed yours! We'll see how they feel about that in the end.😔

  18. Oh geeze, your opening statement should have got you censored by the Alphabet soup leadership here on da tube 'eh. Russell, within the first 58 seconds you're provoking the powers that be to squash you. Don't give up!!!! 😉 Yellow seems, for some reason, to be the color that some of these successful movements have settled upon. Cory Aquino, The Philippines, 1986, The People Power Revolution. Largest revolution in modern day that had virtually no deaths due to the change of government. Millions in the Manila streets and the color was yellow.

  19. Like supermarkets making the biggest profits ever and raising prices when farmers are not getting a cent more for their produce ..and there being bullied into giving up their land ..

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