THIS Is Why Musk’s Twitter Takeover Matters – Tulsi Gabbard

I recently spoke with Tulsi Gabbard on my live show Stay Free with Russell Brand about Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter & what it really means for free speech. #tulsigabbard #elonmusk #twitter

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. We need to go back to where tolerance isn't forcing others to agree with you and to embrace, as positive, their viewpoint and actions or face horrible consequences. Government, both national and local, shouldn't be able to force their ethical preferences on individuals who live by an ethical, moral, or religious code that doesn't lead to very extreme harm, anarchy, or ruin. Individuals need to go back to self governing their actions, as former generations did, instead of the country needing more and more laws to restrain them from trampling on the rights of others. Democracy can't last with government trying to dictate beliefs and actions, nor can it last if too many give in to, and even celebrate, their worst impulses

  2. Ideal government would provide its citizens protection from initiatory force.

    The government should not have the right to use force against any citizen except to protect each citizen from initiatory force from any quarter.

    Each citizen shall not have the right to use initiatory force against any other person except to protect his life, family, or property.

    In short, "Do not tread on me!" … and I will not tread on you… i.e. freedom to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

    A bit of kindness would be admirable!

  3. Tulsi Gabbard is a high functioning slimy sociopath for fucks suck

    Tulsi Gabbard, Barrack Obama, Berni Sanders, the 3 stooges and bankruptcy of identy politics, populist demoguiges, smiling assassisins, while there is no denying Tulsi has the prettiest smile of all.

    Gabbard has the freedom to spread propaganda bullshit all the way to alpha Centauri and back. She doesn't lack freedom of speech. These people lie to us to keep us slaves in an unworkable system falling a part. You have offfical peer reviewed studies that say we do not figure at all in the formulation of policy….and it is so bad, because we have let it get this bad

  4. What’s her reason for being a democrat in the first place? She so confident and sure about speaking of deep state….so I just don’t seen any good reason. I like the words she says but skeptical of her in general.

  5. Elon Musk ???… take over ???… a threat ???… free speech ???…🤣 Really???…
    He is part of that elite… "the millionaire" whose "businesses" are subsidized by government regardless of whether they are democrats or republicans, they are all the same shit, cause the opposition no longer exists, just a bunch of leeches sucking of the government tit´s, and it's like that all over the world…
    I mean come on man, don't you know???…🙄

  6. What Russell is talking about (de-centralization) is exactly how the U.S. Constitution was designed. It is called federalism. The States hold most all the power. We move to and live in the State that carries our values.

  7. Jeezo you give this woman a platform brandie ? You are a true tool of the system. What a sellout lame coward you are Russel

    Did you ask her what she's been up to in the horn of Africa?

    Naaa mate , I want to cuss you now so personally, what a dosser

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