This is why nobody trusts the mainstream media.

Trust in UK mainstream media is among the lowest in the world. This is why.

Written by Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage is a British politician, leader of The Brexit Party, broadcaster and political analyst.Farage began his career in 1982 as a commodities trader at the London Metal Exchange and ran his own metals brokerage firm after working at Credit Lyonnais Rouse and Drexel Burnham Lambert. He left a successful career to go into politics after the Conservative party signed the Maastricht Treaty, which advocated “ever closer union” between European nations.In June 2016, Farage was a leading figure in the campaign to leave the EU. This gained him the name “Mr Brexit” by the then candidate to the US presidency Donald J Trump whom he came to support at a Mississippi rally in 2016. Nigel Farage was one of the very few that predicted that Donald Trump would win the presidential elections.He has provided political analysis for Fox News channel and is the host of LBC's The Nigel Farage Show.


  1. you missed the boat mate after you won brexit you could have taken over the goverment and got rid of Boris and his lefty family , you cant cry now, you dont have the clout you once did , from Australia good luck you need it .

  2. Ok then Western civilisation isn't for those who have benefited mostly from it,..Strange but what have the Left got and how do they propose to make the world perfect for everyone? If they think a few more million pieces of legislation will bring about the Utopia then they are delusional.

  3. While the public are PROUD of Britain, it is clear the 'media' and our mainstream 'politicians' are not. If the Brexit Party are not running next election then I will have to go back to not voting at all.

  4. Nigel just go for primeministership please…..i and millions others will vote for you….your always being portrayed as a twat but we and many more should see the right side of you get yourself a tv show and call it "Ask Nigel" get people to come on and put them straight….you will win the country over….gl.

  5. This week after your programme lots of illegals have been dumped in Bristol by serco or home office. It seems the foreign wok major and few luney liberals will have to now pay for their personal immergration invasion… As thefts of bikes go up.. One resident says he went to the Bristol dump to drop off some rubbish and he was refused bedause he was white.? Riots by Friday?

  6. Mr Farage. Is there some way you could be politely convinced to run for Mayor of London? PLEASE? BJ doesnt have anyone with the rocks, and the other guy…omg. it would add kudos to your tip top CV…??? WE NEED YOU!!! Please please please please please please please….

  7. HEY Nigel its nutz over the pond LOL, these people who call themselves mayors and govenors let people kill innocent people,rob,loot, and burn businesses . Dont let your country go this direction, LIES LIES and LIES , MSM is so outta control, didnt even report Trumps nomination for Nobel Peace Prize, these people are NUTZ!!!!

  8. The bbc has always been the government's mouthpiece it's just full of propaganda whatever they say believe the opposite you can tell when they're lying because their mouth is moving

  9. Nigel speaks truth….that’s why the left vilify him. There’s a central plot to extinguish right of centre.
    We should plot to extinguish the central traitors. If only the silent majority would stand up and be counted . If Nigel stood for PM they would. But imagine the flak hysterical left would give him ?