This Is Why People Are ANGRY!!!

Jon Stewart grilled Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen about why corporate America get financial stability while the working class gets left behind.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. "Limitless ways of organizing society…" Be VERY careful there. Because it's all a giant, impossibly complex Jenga puzzle. These supposedly "limitless" ways to "organize society " (and by "society" I assume you mean actual society as well as economies, welfare, industry and everything else…) can be pared down to a PRECIOUS FEW that actually WORK and provide legitimate opportunity to the largest possible number of citizens.

    That said, America is no longer what it was supposed to be. The way it was organized has been crippled and shot through with horrific corruption. You can point to one corrupt action in particular – the criminal raiding of the Social Security coffers – as one HUGE thing that has contributed mightily to the financial sickness the US finds itself in today. This one thing, Social Security – that people misrepresent as an "entitlement" – is breaking us because the war chest is bankrupt. Our government did that to us. The single most massive robbery in the history of the world, perpetrated on us by the very people who shook their fingers in our faces and said we were incapable of saving for our own retirements.

    You also have to separate this talk about "the system prevents you from being able to do this and that" and understand that it's not the SYSTEM limiting things so much as corrupt individuals. And ask yourself the question: What SYSTEM prevents corruption? Socialism? Communism? That's a BAD JOKE, and anyone who believes that deserves to have their very freedom stripped from them and live in the miserable poverty that those systems would deliver.

    The answer is NONE. There is no system that absolutely prevents corruption. It's possible someday that we could set up a system that's SO technologically advanced that it's SO transparent that corruption is automatically flagged for the entire populace to see. But do we want to be THAT plugged in? Do we want to be THAT reliant on machines? Can computers not be hacked?

    THERE IS NO GOOD ANSWER! And for Russell Brand to sit here on YouTube and pretend there are thousands of good answers out there… well, that's just naive and laughable. THOUSANDS of years of recorded history and we see what happens to all the great empires. They were built on incredible republic "systems." They flourished and grew. Representatives are elected based on their promises to go tap into the system and bring their people home a great haul. The systems are corrupted by PEOPLE. They stagnate. They crumble and fall. Greece, Rome, the British Empire… Now it's our turn to follow suit.

  2. Hi Russell. I think we can agree that greed is the driving force behind unacceptably low wages. Where we most likely differ in some regard is that I believe globalisation and the increased movement of labour via economic immigration are the processes that allow the system to maintain itself. Outsourcing the production of goods and the delivery of services to countries that are structured in such a way that allow them to undercut your native workforce will always result in either lower wages in your own country or increased unemployment. Add to that the increased number of workers gained through immigration competing for a finite number of jobs, tied with immigrant willingness to work for less and you have recipe for disaster. Hypothetically, If demand for jobs within any given country were to always outstrip supply and the majority of goods and services were always to be produced and delivered within the territory within which they’re required (I.e. within a singular regulatory tax / workers rights / legal framework), wouldn’t decent pay naturally follow? P.S. This isn’t immigrant bashing on the basis of creed, culture race etc, put in the same situation as some of those looking to emigrate I’d defy anyone not to look for a better standard of living. That being said, a government is obviously required to do what’s best for its citizens first and foremost.

  3. I feel that, at this point, the U.S. is a nation-sized example of the Sunk Cost Fallacy. I still love my country and my countrymen, but the exploitation of the people has got to stop. Having said that, I won't be holding my breath waiting for change.

  4. It's believed (more likely the system runs under this failed idea on purpose) that people are naturally lazy,well rich kids are lazy, from what I've seen. People will only work if they feel desperation and or fear of failure….

  5. First off, Russell, the question is how do we turn anger into action?
    THAT is the key to how we (the workers) change society.
    I used to work in a group home supporting adults with developmental disabilities (after two years unemployed after 2008 crash) run by a Christian 'non-profit.' The workers got little above minimum wage with many relying on food stamps. Yet the bosses (about a dozen of 'em) were getting six figured salaries.
    'Non-profits' are some of the worst employers who treat their workers like s***. Charities are a con that change little but give big salaries to those at the top.

  6. We are so divided in every aspects of life. We are nothing more than a pawn to be used. Our loyal servicemen and women betrayed by a treasonous govt put in place by the 1% greedy class. Our govt is not here to fix social problems/challenges, because they don't work for us. Our system/s are all broken. I no longer vote for any party or politicians, stop voting, stop giving legitimacy to any govt who does absolutely nothing. We are so doomed.

  7. Whatever system you come up with, please start with 'How do we defeat this enemy army invading our country?'. If your system assumes we are all peaceful then your system is shit.

  8. Janet Yellen= member of the Brookings Institution. The original capitalist mouthpiece barking nonsense for the politicians to echo and point to saying "It is just LOGIC!" uh huh, sure.

  9. Corporations are just PEOPLE. People who are divorced from their responsibilities.
    The SHAREHOLDERS are mainly 1% of the U.S. population. The Capitalists.

  10. The “too big to fail” lie being repeated by Janet Yellin @~3:25 is the way the people-ruling/democratic elite maintain and entrench their democratic power.

    In fact, just the opposite is true: such institutions are too big to exist and, if they get into trouble, MUST be allowed to fail.

  11. Another democratic lie is that taxpayers and their taxes pay for federal expenditures. In fact, it is the public TREASURY which pays for those expenditures and that TREASURY can do so WITHOUT taxes or federal debt.

  12. I despised Trump long before the election, and politics have nothing to do with it. He's a horrible human being and a raging narcissist who exploits anyone and everyone to inflate his massive ego and tiny penis.

  13. Hey Russell I originally did not like you because of your movie "Get him to the Greek', I didn't think much of it, but you have redeemed yourself massively. Much respect to you for going against the grain and bringing these issues into the public eye. Love your impersonations as well you crack me up. Thanks keep it coming.

  14. You sir russel have said word that raised my eyebrows. BAN LOBBYING. if anyone has half a brain our fathers split church and government. We also need to split corporate America and the government through the banning of corporate donations

  15. Not surprised that govt put big biz and profits b4 ppl.. they’ve been it since their creation. In all aspects of human society so there is no escape. Therefor we are DOOMED!!!

  16. Thank you, Russell 👍
    Interesting time-line concerning Yellen's influence
    In when Clinton
    Out when Bush
    In when Obama
    Out when Trump
    Now… In when Biden
    Have you looked at which States the aforementioned corporate employees qualify for public assistance?
    Something for you to explore😉

    Thumbs up on your channel
    Looking forward to more of your wel advisements

  17. Hi Russell, new subscriber here. Could you answer this question please. Say you and the the producer decided to get someone to help you do the menial task of getting the coffee and picking up after yourselfers, how much would you pay them percentage wise of your overall profits? Also how much do you pay your cleaner's? Thanks

  18. OMG you are so funny but every thing you said was TRUTH. These workers are the back bone. With out a back bone you have no strength no standing. The system is we are surfs working for the land lord, Banks and share holders.
    People need to stop spending save there money for 6 months. This will bring inflation down. The price of housing and food. Then with there money start a new bank. How much money does one person need. Greed is one of the seven deadly sins. Amen to my self.

  19. Our vote is where we put our money we have to put our money where are mouth is and save ourselves it’s too inticing though , Netflix’s Amazon flying places buying shinny things. Remebering ….what the true price is….. I struggle and I really give a shit . A lot couldnt. .

  20. Racism the biggest existential threat to America? No, that would be elite politicians. Elite politicians know no party, although they tend to swing to the left more often. Elite politicians spend Thanksgiving on billionaire compounds eating lobster while many of the peasants have to go without a turkey because of inflation. As a nation we need to educate the people on how to deal with these elites. How to rise above these constitution shredding thieves. You see, with all their authoritarian bravado, they forgot one important fact. They are civil servants (elected?) to serve the people. They aren’t going to investigate or arrest or even fire themselves. That’s where our numbers come into play. We have many safeguards written into the constitution that need to be explored and upheld by the people. We need to start at the state level and work our way up. Mostly we need to be ANGRY. Who do they think they are? They want to take everything from us. They are trying to tell US to learn to deal with less! We live in the greatest country there ever has been and ever will be, yet they want to join the globalist. Did they ask you, because they certainly didn’t ask me. It’s time to stop them in their tracks. Show them the meaning of the term, “Don’t tread on me”.

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