THIS Is Why The Deep State Turned Against Trump

Donald Trump’s presidency was a pipe dream for the wealthy and powerful, and yet the intelligence community still opposed him and even tried to cover up the Hunter Biden laptop story to prevent Trump from winning reelection. The reason is simply because Trump, while delivering on standard Republican issues domestically, was a wild card on foreign policy, frequently seeking to pull back from military deployments, railing against NATO and speaking the occasional truth about the rapaciousness of the U.S. empire.

Guest host Aaron Maté and John Jay College Economics Professor and investigative journalist Christian Parenti discuss the erratic foreign policy program that led the Deep State to turn against Trump.

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  1. Host and guest desperately try to disparage Trump as he opens 2024 campaign speaking directly to populist Left. Who’s more likely to sell-out the populist Left… Trump or Bernie Sanders?

  2. Baloney. He knew exactly how American Empire works and he knew what he was doing. Hell, it was his election platform. You just don't want to admit it. What he did NOT know or expect, was the ferocity and hysteria of the backlash he received.

  3. this was a really enlightening discussion of what the u.s. agenda really is , instigating conflicts and wars perpetuating a bloody murderous war economy driving the profits of the military industrial complex Ike warned about , which is now so ingrained and malignant it can now be seen as leading to world destruction . this is what Trump as a businessman could not understand , the basic stupidity of an elite that is so insane and evil , so driven by blind greed as to not see it . when it comes to criminals , theres a big difference between swindlers and serial murderers .

  4. Wahahaha… to say tRump was against the SWAMP is just sophomoric. He isn’t smart enough to figure out who to trust. As a result they used him and still support him because they know he can be easily fooled….AGAIN.

  5. They (FBI/CIA/Deep State) started going after Trump long before he took office or won the election with the Steele Dossier and Operation Crossfire Hurricane. Claiming they went after him because of actions he took while in office is a pretty dopey take.

  6. Pompeo was the one behind Sycamore being wrapped up. The Obama administration also wanted to end it. It was a failure. Parenti's comments tell us what we already know, that the powers that be want to take over the whole world and Trump was a wrench in that system. The propaganda machine (err… the media) being all in on anti-trump made this obvious to all of us.

  7. I think Aaron misses the mark on some of this. Trump struggled to do anything because of how much resistance he faced. “Art of the negotiation” is all you need to understand-he has to horse trade for everything he did.

  8. What if you start by asking the question, "Does this particular piece of imperialism help the average American?" What if you ended that piece if it doesn't? Eventually, you come to realize that whole of imperialism helps no one and that it can be abolished.

    The neocons on the Left and Right don't ask this question because they couldn't care less about the average American, poor Americans or America in general. They only care about their little global network of fellow oligarchs. They couldn't even be bothered to seem to care. Luckily, Trump was too stupid to be beguiled by neocon sophistication.

  9. Mr Paretti got the facts right but his interpretation makes no sense. He basically says that Trump's foreign policy made no sense and that is the reason the establishment was after him. However his arguments cannot explain why the system was after him and his collaborators like General Flynn a year before he became President. The entrapment of General Flynn within a month into his presidency is a strong argument against what he states. How could the establishment hated him when he was barely starting his presidency? Why was the elite so afraid of General Flynn's knowledge of the intelligence agencies and their work in Syria? He totally ignores that Trump's policies are based on his ideology of America First a nationalistic agenda that is totally opposed to the globalist agenda that the current elite in power in the USA follows. Sorry to disagree but Trump's policies are not erratic but based on his mantra America First.

  10. Things have changed radically with the Ukraine situation. I doubt that Trump had time to dwell on the Ukraine situation.
    They impeached him for talking to Zelesky on the phone. Why? they didn't want him to screw up their massive corrupt money laundering operations.
    He understands a lot more now than he did when he was under relentless attack by the Dems and the deep state Russifobia.
    He still was a hundred times better than the current puppet.

  11. Not impressed with Arron Mat'e as an interviewer.
    He doesn't understand that the guest was invited to tell the story of his book.
    Not to give Mate the bullhorn to blabber his opinions and dominate the time.
    A lot of talk show hosts are guilty of this.

  12. This dude still has his Trump Derangement Syndrome. He just can't get rid of it. It's actually fascinating. I'm sure honest, objective psychologists and psychiatrists would love to talk to him.

  13. Trump, may have given the rich tax cuts, but tax revenue went up under Trump. The point is, increasing tax rates doesn’t necessarily translate to a better functioning, better funded and therefore better-off society.

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