This Is WHY They Censor Trump

Whether it’s the Coronavirus pandemic, the War in Ukraine or Trump, why do the same old narratives get fed to us like we’re dumb!? I spoke with journalist Matt Taibbi who says “the conformity aspect is really disturbing”. #covid #trump #ukrainewar

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I don't trust media, politicians, hospitals, scientists and most doctors anymore since 2020..I threw out all chemicals I had in my house, no more make up, cleansing products, perfumes…only natural …they helped me going extreme…it inspired me and gave me wings…I see clear now

  2. Russell I know we would love to see you live here in Jacksonville Florida (pop 1.3 million folks ) – a great venue would be the Saint Augustine Amphitheater – please look into it if you’re planning a US tour . In the meantime – KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK SIR !!

  3. Life is far too complex to be viewed thru a few portholes. We offer you another. 🙂 Great work guys
    Shoulda told em about Eva Bartlett and the hotel full of reporters over there getting shelled this morning, in Ukraine.

  4. I'll never trust the lying marxstream media. Russell, if you do an American road trip, please make a stop in Austin, TX and maybe you can convince some of the blue-pill conformists that there really is another way of looking at real freedom.

  5. We know why they censored Trump and we should all be mad as hell and scared as hell! When they can create this web of lies to make someone look bad and make people accept their narrative we really need to be afraid! Next they will be making these liberals think we should all be killed! It’s coming! If you’re not afraid and ready then you better get that way!

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