THIS Is Why You Can’t Trust Big Pharma

The FDA is funded by the same Big Pharma & Corporations it regulates. What are the issues of the potential conflict of interests within this current system?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. By this logic, paying for the renewal of a driver’s license means that there’s a conflict of interest between drivers and the licensing agencies. …though, the way some people drive, maybe there is, lol. Anyway, I am not a fan of your assumptions supported by uncorroborated “evidence.” This is exactly how conspiracies are fueled. Frankly, you’re also demonstrating a lack of understanding in science (and I hate saying that to anyone, but when you’re reaching such a large audience, it probably should be said). Please do better.

  2. I’m a pharmacist. It sickens me that I can no longer trust the drugs that I dispense. The “FDA Approved” tagline is now meaningless.
    I recently dispensed 180 tablets of a certain FDA-approved generic drug (made in India) to a patient. She brought them back the next day, saying that the tablets smelled so bad that she couldn’t take them.
    Sure enough, the pills smelled horrendous. Like gasoline mixed with dead fish and dog shit.
    I went to the shelf, and we had bottles of tablets made by the same manufacturer. I opened up 3 x 60 count bottles. No odor whatsoever. I replaced the woman’s pills and apologized.
    The point of my story is… The FDA is no longer worthy of public trust. And it’s all due to corruption. The FDA is corrupt to the core.

  3. Capitalism is not the issue Russel, it is crony capitalism which should be treated as a crime but the people that would prosecute this are the beneficiaries of the cronyism. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  4. This is fantastic and I am sharing it. Could you provide more specific information on the resources that you used? I know that I'll get fact check by random people who claim to be fact checkers.

  5. The new name for the "Food and Drug Administration" is the "Fraudulent Deceptive Agency". My sister had a hip replacement several years ago and big pharm used a "COBALT HIP" they paid off the FDA for approval WHEN THEY KNEW IT WAS POISON. They contacted my sister after many years of being poisoned, she said "NO, I don't want another surgery at my age the damage is done.

  6. Yes the FDA still says says this hormone the dairy farmers' put in their cows. Monsanto Company's New Animal Drug Application for Posilac™ containing a recombinant bovine growth hormone (rbGH) (also known as recombinant bovine somatotropin, rbST, or Sometribove). However it causes breast cancer and prostate cancer and is so bad Canada and Europe banned it.

  7. Is this legit? It’s a video of Dr Campbell comparing Ivermectin to Phizers new drug. I’ve been watching Dr. Campbell out of the UK for over a year now. He seems to know what he’s talking about and only has one true motivation. I grow very weary of conspiracy theories and it seems nuts to assume this has been suppressed by the WHO and CDC if it works. Having said that I can’t bring myself to discount Dr. Campbell. Must be the accent eh!

  8. It’s growing ever more into CORPORATISM. That is FASCISM. We need voluntary community unity and transparent capitalism free of government artificial support of big money or regulations designed to work against competition. We need sensible regulations designed to neither support nor punish anyone unfairly. Only to support safety, sustainability, and to protect the freedom of the market.

  9. This video is one of my favorites that you have made. You are so funny. We for sure need to get lobbying stopped and I hate it when companies say they are all about helping people when in fact they are just about making as much money as possible in the least amount of time. Thank you for sharing the truth!

  10. Russel Brand You stumbled on a very important question in your endless passionate ramblings.

    What other areas of science have been distorted by this evident corruption of truth?

    I think we have 100 years of science emasculated by the group think of a peer reviewed circle jerk of consensus science which has denied mankind a wealth of breathtaking technology which could revolutionize our relationship with this enchanted dust.

    Unfortunately this will completely destroy earthly power structures rooted in oil and conventional energy and eliminate the problems associated with achieving a type one civilization in symbiotic harmony with heaven and earth.

  11. Crony Capitalism, Russell. The marriage between the free market and governmental regulation, as you so adeptly articulate, is the enemy of a productive and prosperous society. Capitalism, in its purest form, offers the individual to succeed with determination and hard work. Government regulation, in its purest form, picks winners and losers in every strata of society. For sure, capitalism needs restraint. On the other hand… government regulation should be exponentially scrutinized. When the government can pick winners and losers, the small business owner, the budding entrepreneur, and the mom and pop shop relying on an equitable playing field will lose. Never in our American experience, since March 2020, has this been more demonstrably illustrated.

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