This Is Why Your Friends Were Red Pilled

An excellent piece on the reasons why a growing number of people have abandoned their trust in the left.

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Written by The Crigler Show


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  1. None of this makes sense. And while Konstantin Kisin's article was very well composed and insightful, it only addresses the "how" the masses were misled and "why your friends don't believe you". It was a well orchestrated plan that involved all the main stream media (MSM) including social networking giants. But why? For what underlying reason could all of these people and businesses be persuaded to collude with the Dems?

    It doesn't make any sense! Fine, the Dems want to control the senate and have their president in office. But to deceive and collude on this level with so many "Private Sector" individuals requires a significant amount of planning and corruption. Pelosi doesn't have that much power or influence.

    You know what? The only one who has profited from this corruption, division and hate is the Federal Reserve. The Dems have spent, what, 4 Trillion dollars already? Biden has been called a puppet of the Dems but this implies the Dems themselves are puppets of the Federal Reserve.

    Either the Federal Reserve is behind all of this or the Dems are covering up something else even bigger. Like, oh I don't know, aliens… or the "Great Reset". Fuck, I don't know. Only that none of this makes sense and everyone seems to be missing the bigger picture.

  2. Theres one he missed lol I noticed this… Trump was saying the vaccine was coming soon back in I think September or so of 2020. Liberals were like "He's lying again!" Big Pharma companies of course were not saying anything. Then after the election in November(like days after) they all announced they will begin distribution of their vaccines at the end of the month 😂 they didn't want to give Trump credit for the vaccine and with-held announcing it til after the election so Trump wouldn't get more voters.

  3. The writer of this article is about 30, and was 26 is 2016, when he started to notice the pattern.
    That's about the age where you realise government and media isn't your friend, and why they want to lower the voting age down to toddlers.
    It starts at a different year for everyone in their mid 20's.

  4. I’m lucky that I was a liberal for all of 5 minutes 15 years ago when I graduated high school. Been voting properly for everybody else’s sake. Too bad elections are a joke and your vote won’t matter.

  5. Being an skeptic is fine but believing everything that isn’t mainstream is just as ignorant. The google algorithm has no fact checking device and will deliberately lead you down a path of BS no matter how believable you want it to be. Just because someone talks shit about liberals or conservatives doesn’t make what they say true. Question everything, even if it aligns with your beliefs.

  6. I’m sorry, I don’t find this story particularly compelling. Starting from the point of view of someone who is reasonable is someone who blindly trusts authority is a non-starter. Everything else is just cherry picked and phrased in such a way that disavows any personal responsibility. Do your own research, come to your own conclusions and deal with the fact that there will always be a group of people who think you’re an horrible ___-ist idiot no matter what idea you hold.

  7. If more people on "both sides" would be willing to talk, we'd likely discover that we all mostly want the same things. An end to all the stupidity. Unfortunately, the media has done a great job at making sure we never do. We all think the other side has the wrong information.

    We all have been lied to. There's a common point to start from.

  8. I love this. My only addition is that instead of JUST listening to your doctor, listen to YOUR OWN BODY! Stop giving YOUR power over YOUR OWN BODY away! they only have the control we allow them to have. Stop giving it to those you don't agree with! Doctors are not perfect, they practice, sometimes they get it wrong, too! Seek multiple opinions, don't make decisions out of FEAR! Sit with a decision in solitude and quiet and see how it resonates with you! You are not alone!

  9. I will say the message started off strong but really tapered off almost immediately with inaccuracies and extreme exaggeration of facts, I get the premise went along the lines "you believe and watch news source x for better or worse every single day" but as someone like many other people has actually been watching the news sources in my local area but also as someone who tried to diversify the media and content I was watching by getting news from all over this feels like "what would happen if the stars aligned and you only watched consecutive amounts of bullshit and tuned out anything real" yah mass media is full of shit on all sides of the spectrum (especially republican for sheer stupidity rather than JUST lies) but if you're telling me the only thing you thought and heard was "trumps working with the russians, russia this russia that" the entire time after he was voted into office all the way until he left office then congratulations for finding the democrat equivalent of fox news, if the only thing that you saw about how the CCP virus coming from china was just racism than you didn't watch or hear the WHO being the ones making that call (even if that was more corrupt BS on the part of the WHO & China) if all you could find was "don't take the vaccine" until the very second the democrats took office then I again applaud you for finding whatever bullshit newsource you got because I remember my blue state news station talking about how much of a need there was to push for more vaccine production and how it was a shame we were told not to worry about a virus we were incredibly concerned over the second it showed it's head, meanwhile they cheered the shots going out to emergency medical teams and doctors across the country with an about time as soon as they became available, I again must applaud whatever news someone is watching that convinced them that no politician respected or otherwise actually representing the nations views wasn't going to abuse or use their powers for their own benefit in any way, politicians are all scumbags, it's called being a politician welcome to America.

    the real way this entire statement should start is "Imagine you watch and read a news station every day and believe everything said for better or worse that every day talks about what other news stations around the world are doing and explaining why it's wrong, it's propaganda telling you you're racist but you know you have never done a racist thing in your life, how it's all trying to convince you that everybody else is wrong and corrupt but luckily your news station explaining about how all the other news in America is full of bullshit against your party and will never lie to you or be wrong ever just don't do any independent research" and then you begin reading off the new script for the day from said station. Oh wait shit thats called Fox news.

  10. to the blue pills watching this: if the mainstream was wrong about all of that crap, if it lied about everything, maybe its wrong about what the red pill stands for. maybe its lying about its opposition. the question isnt "why are your friends red pilled?". its why aren't you? all who seek truth are welcome here <3

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