This isn’t looking good right now



Written by Sivaady


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  1. This fricking moron is the one who did all of this. The demorat party is just as much to blame. How can anyone cast a vote for this party. Not that the repukesagain party is all that but come on. There has been more self-inflicted crisis in the first year of this demorat administration than there was for 4 years of the last administration. The demoRat party should be all over. What a black eye to every single American citizen. It's time we show these politicians that we the people are done with this bullshit. Both party's talk out their asses. Give our money to all these other country's no prob but when it comes to giving to the American people well we know how that turned out. Slo jo promise $2000 if he got elected. Talking out his ass and no way in hell the repukesagains were going to give money to the people. These guys don't represent us they represent themselves

  2. The U.S has purchased the gas and is reselling to distributors,it's all paper work.
    the fuel is being scalped by the U.S to it's own people,that's why the prices cant be helped it absolutely necessary they double or triple the price.
    We just dont know how much they purchased,remember when the barrels were worth more than the oil inside during trump? that's when the purchased happened.
    you'll see in a few years.

  3. How about undo most of Joey's executive orders that he signed on day 1. Get domestic oil & gas production going, give hundreds of thousands of people their high paying jobs back. Become energy independent like we were before this nitwit & his know nothing cronies took over. But they won't do anything, because Joey & his handlers don't know the first thing about fixing problems. They only know how to create them, while blaming everyone else. Remember him saying "the buck stops with me" I remember him saying that several times while campaigning from his basement.

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