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  1. Russia is in excellent shape regarding oil, but it has a problem regarding their vast amounts of natural gas. They can't ship it without first liquifying it and storing it. That would be very expensive and take several years to set up.

  2. "We've kind of destroyed globalism…"

    I feel my heart beating stronger with those words.

    This is why I'm not afraid of the Great Reset will be our final fate. Schultz and is cronies may have been good at acquiring power, but they won't be able to hold it, and it seems in their blind arrogance, more and more of what they already have is slipping through their fingers.

  3. minute 7:22 : it makes absolutely no sense to me" .. Well it does to the WEF. It is exactly what they want, so Russia is playing unwillingly in their cards anyway. They want war. They want to 'Build back better ' on the ashes of Europe. They say so themselves..

  4. Once prices of everything goes up by about 30%. All hell will break loose. People will be in the streets and a regime change will take place. When people suffer price hikes which would not have happened if US and EU did not act so stupid, they will move fast to remove the current leaders from office, look at sri langka politicians were hunted down and their houses burned down

  5. Russia is destroying the economic war imposed by the USA and its incompetent strategists. At the same time, the EU is crumbling under its arrogant and stupid policies crafted to please its American handlers.

    Double whammy by the Russians.

    Simultaneously, Russia is expanding its presence on foreign markets into Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Is South America next?

  6. Hi and thanks . Good to see you guys getting your heads together. Jackson mentioned the great reset and the conspiracy theory aspect was mentioned. To get to the point, oh and by the way the correct term for a conspiracy theorist is a fraud investigator. Where's the stop 5G campaigners. I see it nowhere on the social media news channels? Appart from the fact that heavily increased electromagnetic fields generated by 5G, being an existential threat to all biological life on this planet. The great technocratic reset with it's total control and surveillance aspects cannot function without the Internet Of Things which would be dependent on 5G, I won't mention AI and transhumanism, another seemingly taboo subject on social media news channels . I'm only speculating but here in the UK for example, we have Ofcom. Now regulating everything on social media. Are the not also auctioning of more higher frequency bands off to the multi trillion dollar 5G industry with emense lobbying powers. Could this be why the 5G threat is hidden behind all the smoke and mirrors we've had over recent years and beyond. Just a thought. An answer would be appreciated please.
    Kind regards,

  7. I notice,have remarked previously that Mercouris shys away from references to Israel,blanked a comment from a guest about the murder of Shireen Abu Akleh. When he says the Arabs imposed an oil embargo "to extract political concessions" he is being deliberately disingenuous. The 1973 oil embargo was specifically because of the Arab Israeli war and the US support and arms supply to Israel and Mercouris is well aware of that.

  8. Notice how both Olaf Scholz and Joe Biden are newly "elected" & weak, perhaps the Elites are appointing feckless leaders throughout the world for Deep Control.

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