This military force in Ukraine would devastate Russia

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Audio recorded 2/7/2023.

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  1. I truly admire this s man and always wonder how he was in trump’s cabinet? N another note, how can the American people stand up against these oligarchs who have armed the police who just protect the big money? The military is hypnotized by their lies. It seems to be impossible to rise up against them!???

  2. My God, LOL. This Douglas dude is a Russian puppet idiot, I would hate to be his children, one day they will end up getting it , real clean and nice. just like Putin will, this prick needs putting a plastic bag over his head. My God. just check out those glad over eyes, one day Doug they will be taking out of your head. they wont even find whats left of you pondscum. I just hope it hurts alot first, A REAL lot, and it will, LOL. USA, AND GLORY TO UKRAINE!🤣🤣

  3. Whats this dog going to say when Russia loses like the weak dogs they are LOL. pretty hard to say nothing when you have no tonge, Hey Dougy you pussy, I bet his father was a real mongrel, maybe they got him to, LOL

  4. I JUST CHECKED!!!! ALL THESE COMMENTS COME FROM CHINA SERVERS!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHA….HA..HAHA…….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA, Good night dougie boy, sleep when in hell with the Russians, LOL. stay tuned folks, we about to have some serious fun here.

  5. Look up this McGregor's army file, it will explain it all, I will post it folks, treason isn't his only crimes. no wonder why he lives where he does, but Blackwater can travel I guess. LOL. Your looking here at a REAL TRATIOR DOG FOLKS, but not for much longer.

  6. Col. Macgregor is an international treasure. It isn't just that "he speaks truth to power", as one of our latest liberal cliches would have it, but that he sees reality as it is, which most people are incapable of because it exposes who they really are. Hard truths, but real ones. — Michael McDonagh

  7. People aren't using said "balloon" to go after Biden, Col. They have plenty of reasons to impeach him outside of this balloon. They're adding it to an absolutely MASSIVE list of anti-American decisions he's made, many of which regard the complete destruction of our sovereignty (among other things). No one knew what that balloon was, or what it could be carrying. And you're damn-right….99% of what comes out of Xi's mouth is a lie. The only dictator who lies more than Xi, is the Biden administration. And, I'll add to is that Biden (along with half of the Democratic Party) is in bed with China, to the point to the point of selling them classified secrets, which is a rabbit hole in-and-of itself. So, I hope you'll pardon the American people's concern when they see a giant foreign object that's invading our air space, that we know belongs to the biggest threat facing America. We have, and still have, no idea what that balloon was, what it was doing….and now that we know it's perfectly fine to float a military balloon across our nation, what will the next one be carrying???? Keep that in mind if the next one floats over YOUR house. The fact that nothing was done about that balloon, makes a statement to anyone that they can invade our airspace whenever they want.

    So, while you make an obvious point that "…if China wanted to hurt us, they wouldn't use a balloon…", the American people have every right to be concerned about who's protecting this country, whether it's a CCP professor, a balloon (that could be carrying anything lethal), a CCP spy bl*wing a congressman, or the son of a POTUS that needs drug money and just HAPPENS to have a few boxes of classified documents from one of his father's many terms in office.

    You're 100% correct about everything you say, that's why we listen to you. But, the context of how the American people view ANY threat to our sovereignty, is jus as important as keeping perspective of China's military capabilities outside of a lone balloon.

  8. Well here's a thought folks I know a way we can end all this mess let's have a trial by combat mr. Zielinski and mr. Putin in a locked room and one knife and we'll see who emerges 90 mr. Putin despite his age would probably win because mr. Zielinski would ignore the knife and pull out as you know watch what she seems to love so much and display publicly playing pianos and so forth and I'm terribly afraid for him that Mr Putin would probably Chop It Off which would be the end of mistress Alinsky because

  9. Its so fucking funny watching this pathetic simp go from saying Ukraine is done in a few days then switch back to hoe poor Russia is the big victim of the world. I love it so much. There is an absolute reason why Ben hodges made general and you are a loser "colonel" who had to go to simping for foreign states to stay relevant hahaha.

  10. Now this is the sort of man that I would honorably serve under. This is the true face of America. I'm not from the states but have travelled all over the world and have meet many amazing people from America and its sad that the political few represent the many. You sir are the sort of person that needs to lead your country shalder to shalder with the the rest of the world as equals. I salute you.

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