This Old Video Of Joe REALLY Didn’t Age Well…


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  1. Don't get frustrated, like everything else, their lies are totally incompetent. Never lie about something that's staring people in the face – that's how a 3-year-old lies.

  2. When no $ for house payment then the shit will hit the fan for the government because all the people I know said there’s not leaving there homes no matter what and you know what no one is going to try to make them leave the bank doesn’t own my property I own it that’s it I own my home not them got it bank go Fu(( off

  3. Interesting that there's all these food plant and processing centers burning down or leaving states. (A tomatoe processing plant in CA literally having to shutter because they can't afford to operate I read.). But literally no one seems to bring those up as well.
    Just weird timing the past year or so.

  4. I just watched a video today that explains how this administration has requested Flying J & Pilot to cut their fuel shipments first by 15% , then 50%. They supply around 30% of our fuel in the US. It's completely on purpose. Watch more supply companies come forward as Biden's protection fails.

  5. And the worst part is when lefty liberals say they’re okay with all this economic chaos as long as Trump isn’t in office. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  6. My plan is to create the fastest and greatest most widespread economic depression Americans have ever experienced so that we can make the WEFs 2030 plan to no longer be the world's leading super power and justin trudeau can be the emperor of North America

  7. I wonder if he can really allow it to get beyond 7 $ pg before the end of the year! Putin hasn’t withdrawn yet, when did such an invasion of a country next to the invading country make American prices so high and how come they can’t explain it the Kamala Harris way. Not just say it’s Putin’s fault. How is it Putin’s fault, didn’t Biden allow him to open a pipe to Germany? It doesn’t add up , he could blame his dog and that would seem more reasonable

  8. The Democrat plan – (the voter) believe everything your party tells you. (politicians) keep lying and denying until the next crisis then point at it emphatically so that the masses forget about the last one while planning to pad another election in their favor so they can continue making backdoor deals with corporations and foreign governments.

    Liberal plan – keep believing the lies because they don't want to admit how bad it is… after all they asked for it.

    Socialist plan – keep supporting it so long as they get free stuff because screw the rich, we are self-righteous people!

    Marxist Plan – burn, loot, steal… tear it all down, no need for government we will do what we like!

    Conservative plan – Hold the line for Trump 2024 and DeSantis 2028 and 2032, build the boarder wall, kick out the unproductive illegals, stop the drug, gun, and human trafficking into the US, start producing oil again, bring back U.S industry, get the economy back on track, make sensible laws on guns, abortion, and education while maintaining our constitutional rights, and stop this woke movement and cancel culture nonsense.

  9. Of course I drive a truck but I personally spend 250$ a week. Btw, not a semi but just a 2016 Dodge Ram. Not a diesel either.
    The great reset will never happen!

  10. Only small/closed minded and stupid people curse. cursing is for those who cant express themselves properly using the vast words of the english language.

    If you cant express yourself without cursing then you are an idiot.

  11. Yeah so unfortunately most of the Democrats in power, the MSM and millions of crazy leftists live only to gaslight America through blatant projection, omitting facts and just straight up lies.

  12. Look. He’s raise wages by 2%. He. ….don’t look at the covid and business dying before. I mean come on man inflation is a real problem so I’ll cut fossil fuel production and transport because our supply chai is soo great I mean I’m working on fixing it. What? Ooh I’m gonna get in trouble but hey look so what if gas is twice it was so what inflation is 8% I got you a raise in salary and more people are ummm not unemployed

  13. Never in American history has their ever been such a corrupt administration who bends the rules to ensure the corrupt get away with anything including murder if need be,they don't care about the American people ,you couldn't make up the evil they have made ,everything they do is evil, hussman,Pelosi garland Clinton fauci Biden,they have all committed felonys which should see them in jail,but the Cover up by the media says it all ,if and when the Democrats get kicked out you will never see a democrat in the oval office again it will take decades to correct the wrongs of this regime

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