This Proxy War Has No Exit Strategy

In short, there is no exit strategy to this proxy war. There are no plans in place to deliver Putin a swift defeat, and the Biden administration remains steadfastly dismissive of even the slightest gestures toward diplomacy with Moscow. Boris Johnson has reportedly been buzzing around admonishing Ukraine’s President Zelensky, France’s President Macron and who knows who else not to work toward peace in Ukraine. The doors to ending this war quickly by either winning it or negotiating a peace settlement are both bolted shut, all but guaranteeing a long and bloody slog.

Reading by Tim Foley.

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone


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  1. Nestor Kirchner of Argentina said that Bush 2 told him that "War made america strong" …. see that in the Oliver Stone movie South of the Border…… The US are a bunch of Nazis anymore. The Russians will reach DC eventually and the entire world will cheer.

  2. In sum, once Ukraine is decapitated, the US is happy.. fullstop! Keep sending weapons more to prolong the war just to make sure Russia has no time to claim Alaska and build their Artic Silk Route.. LOL

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