THIS Scares The Sh*t Out Of The Establishment (Video)

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. The show is also broadcast on Pacifica Radio Network stations throughout the country.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. One sided. Send a MAGA hat into a crown of Biden voters and do the exact a same thing.

    I've seen the videos, it doesn't turn out like this. Many times the Biden voter won't even talk with the MAGA hat.

    Jimmy, You can come by and be the "owner of production" of my business any time, just come with a $1,000,000 check that pays for "your contribution" of what I already created. A business doesn't just magically appear out of nothing. 100's of 1,000's of dollars need to be put as risk to start a business. Sometimes millions. AND I'm just supposed to let everyone "own" the means of production that I myself paid to create? That's insane. I'm gonna try a different video. This one is kinda silly. Maybe it's part of your stand up act.

  2. Great except you really need to clarify the difference between seizing and buying or earning your way into a co-op or "esop" or whatever… seizing makes it sound like a hostile takeover/theft by the workers which I'm pretty sure everyone would agree is unfair to those who invested in and started the company. If you want to own cooperatively great but it would be much better to start from the ground up than to steal someone's existing company.

  3. right on! right on! jimmy you are bringing back rational thinking: awakening everybody's ability to think rationally about issues. excessive concentration of power is destructive against any form of government and society.

  4. This is what brought in the far left and craziness. I don;'trust it. 5 yrs ago Wolfe introduced socialism to the youth along with WEF and look at what we have. Yuri Bezmenov explains THIS TRICKERY. CREFUL FOLKS

  5. Fascism is where the businesses own the government. Communism is where the government owns the businesses. Democracy is where the people own the government and the businesses.

  6. the problem is your definition of 'left' and 'right'
    Originally the left was designing the French' assembly where the populist were seating left and the monarchist were seating on the right of the assembly!
    I.E: The left is for the whole population while the right is for the authority.

  7. What the Trump supporter described, if anything, is a form of decentralization. It's very similar in form and function to unions, but without that corrupt middleman demanding his dues. Honestly, after working these horrific at-will gigs for the last 24 years, I'm beginning to see unions as a necessary evil in most job settings. Employee stock-buying programs would be even better though, it's true.

  8. The area of commonality is anti-authoritarian. Let me decide whether I want to participate in social programmes, or what sort of company I work for. I don't want someone telling me I can't work for a "greedy capitalist" and I don't want to tell you you can't work for a worker owned company. All is afforded under a free market.

  9. 07:00 "Seize the means of production"… Is not what's happening here. They bought into the company which allowed them to have a stake in decision making.
    Big difference than state controlled. There are commonalities in theirs views but the interviewer is playing words games to promote his agenda.

  10. Jimmy, this is not an accurate representation of the common Conservative and he clearly was not versed in the doctrines of Marxism. Marx believed that Socialism TOGETHER WITH Capitalism would one day bring us to the realized ideal of Communism. His vision is actually being played out right in front of us through what has been dubbed "Stakeholder Capitalism" which in reality, is just Global Fascism. Anyone who is familiar with such ideas would have recognized right away the moment he used the phrase, "seize the means of production" he actually meant have violent uprising in order to put all means of production into the hands of a capable leader who will then promise to redistribute that means but never does. This is how it has happened time after time after time and this is why Conservatives do not trust this idea. If Communism had worked elsewhere in the world, I guarantee you, Conservatives would have bought into it and this is what separates the Conservative from the Progressive. I use this division for a good reason. Conservatives see value in looking to the past for guidance but Progressives believe there is nothing valuable about the past and only embrace what they perceive as the new thing. If this Trumper had understood Marx, he would have realized very quickly, because we have not defined terms, we are basically talking passed one another.

  11. The good idea in Marxism is – vast amounts of wealth concentrated into the hands of the few is not a good thing. How we go about getting the wealth into the hands of the largest possible population is where we differ. The Conservative says be personally responsible and self-sustaining. Be productive and provide value to others. The Progressive says rely solely on others to survive. Don't contribute to the whole and allow technological advances to provide us with solutions to work and the burden of thinking.

  12. I think people see unions as part of the establishment. I mean unions will support democrats even if they oppose their industry or they wade onto social issues that have nothing to do with the workplace.

  13. Workers need to hold the power to make employers accountable for fair treatment unions have a tendency to politicize their role and evolve into another arm of government control.

  14. I lived in Phoenix, for most of my life. Everything there is new and clean (for the most part). I now live in the Midwest, and traveling through the Midwest, you see the devastated communities that once thrived. The corporations they used to work for have mostly pulled up their stakes and relocated, overseas. It's sad and scary to see the results.

  15. I don’t think the workers should own 100% of the company but I do believe workers should own a percent of the company they work for. It gives them more incentive to wanna see the business/company prosper. Unions are good but eventually unions can become corrupt and we’ve seen corrupt unions. The person that risks there money to start a business does and should have a bigger stake in it though. If our government actually enforce monopoly laws we wouldn’t see a lot of the problems we do now with big tech censoring and banning people with the government telling these companies who to ban and/or censor.

  16. No it is t just what capitalist said about communism. It’s also from what people have see and heard from countries like Russia and China and Cuba. People like there freedoms. They don’t want a government taking that from them and taxing them to death or people being forced into hour long bread line where they may not get food cause the government doesn’t actually know what they are doing.

  17. SOLD part of the company…..the employees didn't seize the means of production without compensation. It wasn't organized theft under guise of equitable distribution. Materially different.
    Alos, the communist should mention his position on organized religion, as well. I get the point that even when an extreme position such as Marxism is concerned, we have more in common than different. But, the differences between an American cultural conservative and an anti-capitalist will be stark 😉

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