This War Is Actually About Central Banking

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  1. I wonder if Nomi Prints and Richard Werner would agree to be interviewed by you together.

    They both know a lot about banking and could offer (I think) incredibly interesting perspectives on this.

  2. Go deeper and darker, bankers ruining the world are Zionists / worship money and thereby Satan / in a hurry to usher in their messiah = anti christ. Rothschild, Rockerfeller, Soros, and that lot.
    Spoiler alert: Jesus wins.

  3. Such giant leaps of logic that make little to no sense. The US went to war with Iraq because they considered switching to the Euro before the Euro even existed, and despite the history involved? And that Russia wanted to switch oil to Ruble payments because of US sanctions, even though that applies to European nations that have their own sanctions? And if the US is really obsessed with hegemony, why even allow and continue to support the EU? Plus you provided a great map of the growing Chinese ‘Empire’ and briefly discuss the horrible actions for the expansion of the Russian ‘Empire’, yet for some reason are obsessed with the US ‘Empire’ despite all the evidence of it shrinking.

  4. Nope. It is NOT allowed! You MUST be either a Zelenskysexual or Putinite!!!
    You couldnt possibly condemn Putin AAAAND hate the US hypocrisy/historical meddling in Ukraine poking the bear for yrs to start this proxy war!
    Nope. Must pick one.

  5. Amazing collections of receipts it really shows the amount of research that went into this segment. Great connection between US foreign policy and the petrodollar and graphic of us and China trade from 2000 and 2020. Crazy. 180 degree flip.

  6. In the future, why don't you just tell the REAL news we cannot get from Mainstream Fake News Media, and keep your little funny bits for when you go on the road. It is no longer funny for you to move from : News…Joke…News…Joke…News…Joke…….

    I am done with that crap. In the world we live in now, it is no longer appropriate. STOP IT!

  7. Damn Lee! (if that is your real name) This was a great video! I knew that Gaddafi's effort to organize the African nations into a union and to have this union leave the American Dollar in favor of the Gold Dinar got him killed. I was unaware that Saddam Hussein had also decided to stop accepting the dollar for Iraqi oil in 2000. So…..this was the real "WMD" our government was talking about to justify our invasion of Iraqi and the murder of Saddam.

  8. What backs the dollar is the legal obligation to pay taxes, fees, and fines ONLY in dollars. Not the “‘petrodollar”
    All the “petrodollar” is is a NUMERAIRE.

    Other country’s currencies trade higher than the dollar and their currencies are NOT used to price oil in.
    It makes little difference as country’s keep a basket of different currencies on reserve.
    Even if US policy is based on irrational petrodollar paranoia, it doesn’t mean what they fear is a real threat – which it isn’t.

    What helps currencies on the for-ex is interest rates, jobs, infrastructure, health services, and anything and everything that investors find attractive.

  9. The league of private bankers, with their Wall Street financial instruments casino, sit atop all countries of the West and their proxy governments. They call themselves the FED or CENTRAL BANKS. They are the true Masters of the US and EU, not salaried presidents like Obama. They are also Masters of the world in waiting. They do not hesitate to kill any countries that meddle with their agenda.

  10. OMG I remember reading about Russia and China working on this back in January and thinking, 'Uh oh! here it comes!' and I had forgotten about it because Mass Media. Thank you for refreshing my memory! And for still fighting! You rock.

  11. Fuck yeah! Lee is back and taking cheap shots at catholicism! Let's go! Also, uh, yeah, of course it's about the banks…FUCKING EVERYTHING IS ABOUT THE GODDAMN BANKS! Follow the money and you'll find the truth. Thanks for connecting the dots, my dude 🤘🤓

  12. Here's the rub Lee…You are right that this war has evolved into a fight over dominant currency and the Petrol dollar specifically. It did not start that way. It started due to Ukraine's newly discovered massive oil reserves that Russia wasn't about to give up. They tolerated the overthrow of the Russia leaning Government for an American Puppet Government. The encroachment of NATO. The Slaughter of 14000 Russians by Ukrainian Nazi's for 8 years, but they weren't about to cede those resources to the U.S. Criminal Empire.

    The reason has evolved into exactly what you stated, is that the U.S., like the Morons they are, kicked Russia out of the American banking system and now Russia and China are making their economic moves to become the most dominant currency…and they will win because Americas evil Corporations have sent all their manufacturing to China and would all collapse without them. Corporations care NOTHING about American interests. Only about where the money is coming from…

    The collapse of the American empire and the beginning of the slave state where nobody owns anything and we are beholden to the CORPORATION for everything and must obey, is upon us. Will it be revolution or enslavement. That is the only place the U.S. can end up.

  13. Everything is about money, always and will. I think every countries with natural resources should stand up and stick together to using payment with their own currency not US dollars, or no deal.

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