This Week In Stupid (12/03/2022)

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Written by Romanian TVee


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  1. If Putin wins in Ukraine and decides to attack Romania too. Do you think Nato would really step in or they would just find a way to talk them self out of it?

  2. Europe produces enough food for itself. In fact, if Ukraine and Russia are not exporting food to Africa, Africa might start producing enough food for itself too. Cause cheap Russian and American food is why Africa doesn't have a working agriculture.

  3. hah the dude hiding from the cops reminded me of that video of the police officer in Halifax chasing the guy around the truck, weapon drawn and swearing at the guy to put his hands up and get on the ground but the guy just kept walking away from him and the cop was pretty much walkin after him around the truck about 3 or 4 times and then the guy got bored and took off running, its a funny watch anyways lol especially the guy recording it on his cell phones commentary

  4. As a Ukrainian I will try and simplify this for the Western World. No one is wearing the black hat (bad guy) and white hat (good guy). There is a war from the corrupt globalist puppets to the West, and a paranoid Anti Globalist from the East.
    Ukraine and its people are sadly getting caught in the middle, the host country serving cabbage rolls and borscht.
    If this were REALLY black and white, the workdnwould have cared about us 8 years ago when Putin moved his entire army from "protecting" the Socchi Olympics, to annexing Crimea. It was all orchestrates before the cauldron was lit, and was executed before the paraolympics could begin! Didn't THOSE athletes require the same protection?

    Wake up people

  5. The Volkswagen ELF gets 300 miles to the gallon and somehow my car only gets about 30. A real mystery that is. Most of the people I brought up with couldn't wrap their head around that.

  6. Vee knows the news "5 tik tok dances" article is a joke website like the Babylon bee right? Well at least I hope it is? right? RIGHT? R I G H T?
    I'm actuelly worried now

  7. Just wait until the rich Californians can't get their weekly steak and fresh MAINE lobster dinner flown in just for them….THEN you'll see some epic wailing !

  8. Americans can allow themselves to be stupid because their homes, their land was never bombed by invading force. So they never value life as someone who has been through war.

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