This Will Blow Up In His Face!!


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  1. "It just doesn't matter!" N🌍O has the Power! They are NOT! giving it BACK! The Communist Democrats with mail-in ballots! Dominion voting machines! 💲🇨🇳💲they'll retain all Political Power! They did it once, they'll do it again! "It just doesn't matter!" 🙏 🇺🇸

  2. The fact the media is more concerned with him back peddling, rather than the fact he called half of the country "semi-facist" is sickening. Dehumanization and false charges… this always ends well.

  3. January 6th was nothing more than a bunch of people push their way into the capital with no weapons they walked around they made their point and they went home they want to turn it into this bloodbath bloody Sunday it's ridiculous absolutely ridiculous

  4. They are called loans for a reason – the very definition of a loan is it is an agreement entered into by two parties to supply the funds and pay said funds back over time. Instead of having to deal with the payment in one lump sum.

  5. This is how dictators retain power, separate out and demonize portions of the population and whip up hate for them and blame them for everything. That’s what Hitler did with the Jews. That’s what Stalin did with the Kulacks. The end was the same, death and dictatorship.

  6. It really shows ppl do shit out of emotion period, at what point did ppl really believe biden wud unify the country, for real at what point his entire political career was based on lies and separation and messing with kids and ots on video of him saying weird stuff about kids, he spent his career locking up blk ppl what was he gonna unify he was a white supremacists he hung with kkk members and ot was known who was he gonna unify yall crazy and yall dont pay attention to nothing but who u like and dont not what they bring to the table

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