This Will Destroy Us

As China cracks down on zero-Covid protests and Western media and governments criticise the country’s authoritarianism, aren’t they condemning the very same lockdowns that they advocated here?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Having this dialogue is all well and good but what are even 12 million awakening wonders going to ever do to change some of these narratives??……
    The worse thing about some of these scripts is the feeling of absolute powerlessness…..

  2. Hai Russel, thanks, english is not my mother language, since you speak very quickly and full of jokes I can't easily follow what you are saying. This other man in some of your video's brings what rest and room to understand the english ; – ) just saying. Thanks for al the work with your group of people.

  3. Funny how that phrase 'added powers to police' always seems to be a shortcut to easier silencing those who raise awareness of corruption .
    Civil contingencies act (put through in early 2k's in uk) when evoked adds up to whom evers in office stays there, the elective process is suspended 5 year , and habeas corpus is suspended.
    Seen that one of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies ? Where the evil British suspend habeas corpus and hang everyone who looks a bit piratey ?

  4. I wanna stand for the boys in blue. My whole family where first responders. I have a deep respect for the good ones. The ones that have integrity. But do they not know they work for devil. They are standing in front of freedom. For what? Tax payer Money.. 99 percent of all cops will no longer have a job in the next 5 years anyway, do to robocops. So your practically pucking us, at the same time your pucking yourself. Know that's, not very smart. Stand down.

  5. Oh Russell, I love your energy. Canada is one of the freest countries in the world. Public health measures are not the same thing as taking away people's freedom. Everyone has a right to protest but we also have a responsibility to protect each other's health so we dont wipe out humanity.

  6. Parliamentary democracy can never work, so long as each and every election the newcomers want to affect changes in the forms of laws. Laws that never repeal but rather just snowballing in to ever restricting nonsense that allows those of a "sharper practice" to utilize the confusion to support any and every agenda. There is a great video in youtube about "why you should never speak to the police" presented in lecture by a law professor and supported by a Police sergeant. I would listen very closely to this lecture, were I you.

  7. As ever, Russell is on the nose with all these points…Though after 20 years of this fight, I actually feel like its pointless. We are doomed, we are powerless to change the system and the general public already sold itself out in the mid 2000's by allowing governments to pass the initial "terrorist laws". General people ni society haven't got the motivation or incentive to change anyhting. By time something pushes them to that point, it will be already too late. Sorry to be a bit of buzz kill, but I really do think unless you are propper rich or wealthy, you're doomed to be controlled and dictated over in the new "free" world. 😥

  8. Russell my brother I have a question that I've wondered for a few years why is most of the topics and things you talk about have nothing to do with the country you or I live in I still want to hear the stuff going on around the world but first thing's first you're not in USA China or Canada we're in England baby

  9. Our leaders are on a roll now and believe they're unstoppable. They have an agenda, it's a bad one and it's extremely costly. They have mainstream media fully on board with them and they couldn't give a dam however much it costs to get their way. We can't bear listening to Trudeau. Rishi Sunak, Biden, johnson, Gates, Trudeau, soros, schwab, Blair, Macron and their mates are all extremely dangerous and expensive people we're are involuntarily supporting and the mess we're in has been planned for a very long while and like Sunak says they can control the law to suit their combined agenda. Mainstream media will cover nothing that doesn't go along with governments narrative. If they do it will be in a negative light and vilified.

  10. Bravo Russell. May all brave hearts receive good karma. Russell could you please try and speak with brother Eckhart again not to speak about The Power Of Now and instead on the subject of The Power Of No. In saying no we should not feel any guilt, opposition, shame, attachment or fear because its our sovereign right to say no. It is commonly believed that this world is being run by loonatics of various sorts who are in the minority. Russell you are absolutely right that the way forward is not to hate our enemy and it also stands to reason because you can not destroy hate with more hate. Brother Eckhart reminded us that the way forward is to forgive them for they know not what they do. Seriously what can the minority do if we all apply the power of no. I most definitely would not want to survive a nuclear attack nor would I wish to bare the psychological impact of coming out of an underground bunker after such an event. There are some people in this world who actually do not care if they burn this world around us or want us to know the true origin of Covid and a multitude of other moves to enslave us.
    One love ❤

  11. The narrative is the government will not allow strikes and protests to effect the publics way of life. Trying to alienate protesters from the public. And the government trying to make it seem like the they on our side. While changing laws that will ultimately will effect us all. The old belief , that as long as you are doing anything wrong. You have nothing to worry about. But now it's starting feel like as long as you conform. You have nothing to worry about.

  12. Hi Russell a man that wasn't vaxxed died he had the democrats in America are for abortion rights are for women's rights care about the black Americans judicial ideas for voting rights care about native Americans the environment. Not perfect but I would rather give my two cents the poor widow Jesus admirer read about her in the new testament Jennifer

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