This will lead to WW3 according to Russia, US orders all Americans out now | Redacted News

The U.S. State Department just issued a warning to all Americans in Ukraine to get out now. Russia says any moves against Crimea will be disastrous for the West. Starbucks closes 16 stores because due to liberal-run city problems. Justin Trudeau just hit a new low. And DHS is caught by ACLU buying millions of dollars in cell phone tracking software to track Americans.

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  1. I,m Canadian and citizens are to brain fogged to see the real picture happening in our country and worldwide . A big percentage of Canadian just are to lazy , scared , ignorant of the facts and don,t even want to look at those facts even when in their faces .

  2. I am waiting when WWIII happens and the Western Countries (like the U.S) has to also deal with with Civil wars within because of the stupid leadership.

  3. Starbucks should have been looking OUT the window years ago. And it’s possible that if Starbucks had ever ‘given back’ to the communities it takes from, (programs that provide activities with families, donations to vets or
    w h a t e v e r) ther may be less animosity amidst their communities.

  4. Well I can honestly say, since 2010 when I ended on Disability I had to have my cell phone service shut down. It's been 12 years now, and honestly, I don't miss it at all. People are way WAYYYYYY too attached to these things today, it's incredible.
    Different from everyone else, I always saw a cell phone as a good emergency tool. If something happens to me or my family at home while I'm not there, I'm always reachable. But aside that, its now worst than drugs, cigarettes, alcohol. It's completely nuts. You can't pass another person on the street, on a bus, subway or whatever, without everyone hooked to their damn smartphones. Get a life people. Unplug a little and just relax. Thanks though for your videos. It's good seeing some people who still have the courage to do what needs to be done to keep people truly informed. Thanks again!

  5. Would be interesting to reach out to Snowden and get his feedback on what the situation in Russia is. Though, he may not want to draw any attention to himself while the rhetoric towards Russia has been amplified.

  6. please help!!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏 I am in Ukraine and I am a citizen of Ukraine. I am not a rogue!! I have three children. I need to leave the country urgently. my state does not help me. my house is destroyed. Are there any kind people who can help me???? I don't need much

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