This WONT END WELL For The Biden Regime… Already BACK FIRING Big Time!


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  1. The commissar for the ministry of Truth is complete out of touch with Americans, and I predict will prove to be another thorn in the Biden administrations side. Considering she started her political career off a couple years ago by lying her ass off calling the Hunter Biden laptop Russian disinformation, that proved to be a flop. Supporting the Trump impeachment both times, that proved to be a flop. And now they're going to parade her in front of us? The Democrat base is truly astounding in the level of stupidity by following so blindly and administration that clearly hates them.

  2. Yea they don’t want people to hear the truth. They don’t want the truth getting to the clueless people still out there not wise to there BS. They weren’t interested in any disinformation board when Twitter was controlled by leftists. Musk buys it and now they want regulations. So predictable. Disinformation to them is the truth and it makes them look bad

  3. She really is that evil pink lady from Harry Potter. WTF is happening in America and how? What did you lot do to not only the world, but yourselves?
    Come on, UK literally has a criminal who's been fined breaking his own law in charge. Yet you guys have done it worse.
    Just, how?
    (Retorical question we all know how. Alot of yall are highly susceptibal to propaganda)

  4. When President Trump said he was going to drain the swamp, I truly believe he wasn’t believing it would happen during his tenure. He started the pump and it’s just continuing to lower the sludge level.

  5. im calling it now, they will run on anti trump rhetoric in 2022/2024

    i will bet 100$ they show his face or mention his name/ allude to him in at least one paid ad

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