This Youtuber Is In Danger

Jordan’s video
This is the greatest thorough investigation of All Time
I stream every day

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  1. So is Charlie just a news channel now?
    It's not a problem I don't care, but looking at his channel after a couple years just seems like it's reviews, news. Idk I like Charlie but this content is really weak.
    Just post reviews, godslap updates, and games. Not this crap

  2. Dude probably isn't allowed to leave the country. Australia is weird like that, you have a court case and try to leave the country, DENIED! (Had a friend called on his mobile by the Australian social services looking for child support when he was in a different country on a new phone and SIM bought in that new country).

  3. He's doing the lords work. Our publicly elected officials can engage in blatant corrupt behaviour, lining their pockets whilst drawing a huge salary, spending thousands on dinners and weekends away from the taxpayers money and nothing happens, yet when a government clerk is given Some chocolates or flowers from a contractor they are dragged through the coals and everyone in public employment has to yet again do an e-course on corrupt behaviour

  4. Bronys in the 2010s 😂😂😂 oh my god I will never forget that weird ass era, I remember being in like 7th grade and my friend laughing about bronys yet I had no clue wtf they were 😂 god damn time flies

  5. I like how our government can get away with basically stealing money from the people and call taxes a necessity when all it does is further the elite self-entitled greedy governments, political parties, military, and third party countries that are being sourced weapons and rations. The people pay for the elitists. I also like how no action was taken against China for their obvious attack, which was and still is an ever-changing strain called Covid. I also like how our military has many more secrets than just spy balloons flying over us. I also like how businesses that are detrimental to our health can fly under the radar, and we just want to ignore it. I also like how there are tests currently being done to most of the people in the USA from the government to train us to be contempt with becoming a dictated state rather than a free state. There is more I don't like, but it doesn't matter because they're elitists, and we, the people, are not.

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