Thomas Fazi: Civil disobedience is coming

Freddie Sayers meets Thomas Fazi.

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Faced with post-pandemic economic collapse, war in Ukraine and an unprecedented energy crisis, citizens of the UK and Europe are voicing their discontent. Via anti-government campaigns like ‘Don’t Pay’ and ‘Enough is Enough’, people previously unmotivated by radical politics are becoming more and more rebellious.

As a challenging winter approaches, is Europe about to see a mass movement of civil disobedience?

Writer and activist Thomas Fazi thinks so. He joined Freddie Sayers in the UnHerd studio to discuss citizen uprisings and how he would cure the West’s poly-crises.

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00:00 – 01:12 – Introduction
01:12 – 03:22 – What needs to happen for civil disobedience to become a possibility?
03:22 – 11:37 – Who is benefitting from the economic and energy crises?
11:37 – 18:26 – What would be the demands of a mass civil disobedience movement?
18:26 – 22:33 – Is full government control of national utilities really the best solution?
22:33 – 28:07 – Surely the current crises don’t help the technocrats and big corporations, who want stability and order?
28:07 – 34:25 – Why have so many people zoned out of demanding political change?
34:25 – 38:17 – Will the entire economic system break down this winter?
38:17 – 44:29 – How can the idea of individuals becoming more energy sufficient be reframed?
44:29 – 48:20 – Can more direct change come from who is voted in as government?
48:20 – 51:16 – Will there be repression instead of change?
51:16 – 52:06 – Concluding thoughts

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  1. 2 years of nonsensical authoritarian lockdown plus a new war. As if the politicians can forever devalue the money and fix the price. Venezuela. Do the traders make a buck too much? Yes. Can any govt ever successfully fix the price of a certain good? No, this will end horrible.

  2. I believe most governments have laws against price gouging.
    If a government does not know what a company (like gas suppliers) are paying for their product, how do they know what the basis for taxing them is?
    If I buy an apple for 10 cents and sell it for $1.00 but refuse to supply that initial cost (yes I know it’s more complex than that) would the government accept a “I don’t know or refuse to supply my cost vs sell price” tax return?
    I guess when you’re large enough rules don’t apply?
    Silly me.

  3. They don't want it "humming along" not at the moment, this is a huge money grab and all the money is in the right places for them to strip the tree bare at harvest time. Just follow the money, it's that simple. They own the energy and the food and can buy up the businesses they see as good deals.

  4. We in the US already have laws against price gouging. Yet that’s what happened in Texas when we had a rare winter storm. And that’s what’s happening in Europe. Don’t you have laws against price gouging? Obviously communists want the energy companies to be nationalized . That’s not the answer . We need laws to limit futures traders from raising prices so high .

  5. So if I am hearing this right- the use medical algorithms by governments to mandate endless lockdowns have been adapted to create pricing for energy? Why not go back to the old style contracts of two or three years ago?

  6. So the deal is, governments manage their tax livestock by offering a modicum of freedom. Too much and they don’t control you, too little and the chattering classes revolt. They won’t starve the Plebs for this reason.

  7. Why not just say it socialism is the only morally legitimate form of government. But it is denigrated and feared as it exposes the the morally repugnant self interest that is the essence of capitalism.

  8. Unherd always has great content that intelligently and cogently challenges the prevailing narrative. This, however, is real tinfoil hat stuff. Really disappointing. Fazi consistently displays a complete lack of understanding of fundamental issues (financial markets, company reporting to name a few). He is inarticulate, misguided and paranoid. I sincerely hope this doesn’t set the tone of things to come from Unherd.

  9. Cant they just decouple the wholesale fuel price from the speculation? The state is the no 1 enemy. This is not market failure or "big capital", linking wholesale prices to anything other than cost is socialist market manipulation. Dont trust this guy.

  10. It is not "big capital". This guy has communist intentions. Reserve bank inflation, financial market speculation etc caused our issues. Inflation is socialist theft. Speculation is a problem when bankers arent made to suffer their losses. Politicians have removed the regulations that protects peoples saving from the speculative market crashes. Our problems have nothing to do with capitalism or free market. Only dysfuntional free markets, caused by lack regulations that prevent external costs to priced in, are the problem.

  11. About people being sleepy,I heard the Chinese keep their population like that, putting more Fluor in their water, please check and let us know . And please check how the presidents were so obedient too?,,💰🤔👺

  12. Right on 👍 . This is the battle of our life time!
    Get up
    Stand up,
    Don't give up the Fight 💥 Didn't you see the division they've created, with lies, Now even billy recognise it was just like a seasonal Flu but they ruined everything!

  13. Corporations are at the helm. They have the absolute power… they literally own the governments. They want to now move it to one world order. The richest few people now want to govern the globe. It is quite clear to see.

  14. Financial. Institutions have deliberately profited from globalisation, putting profits before people. It's capital seeking cheap labor on a global scale. The ordinary citizen has been consistently hammered into submission into sleep mode. When the base fractures, the apex is sure to fall. The reward: The trans Atlantic slave trade of the 15 century, will seem like a boat ride when the inevitable trans Pacific slave trade occurs in the 21 century. Western youth, economically and morally bankrupt due to stagflation, nurtured by violent videos, assault rifles and fentanyl will willingly embark in droves, stoned, not as slaves, but as dignified incompetent butlers, to a brighter future, serving the Lords of the Han dynasty. A wake-up call for the Rest.

  15. Printing money? NO, according to the former central bank governor of Canada. It's just a huge hole that we're helping people to swim across by providing cheap finance to institutions. The result – hyper inflation! The solution – keep interest rates low, so low, as to suck the savings of ordinary people into stock markets and then hammer the stock market and vacuum it to the silos of the 1% Wealthy.

  16. Freddie, people in the West are more acquiescent because governments have legalized cannabis and casinos and abundance of payday loans outlets. Truly governments of, by and for the people. Amazing!

  17. Maybe the Unherd team could have a word with their chronies in pooLIEment and tell them they are puppets to those evil freemason funded psychopaths aka illuminati.

  18. @13:00 the relative price matters, not the absolute. A fiat currency is only a numerarie. So in addition to Fazi's suggested controls on prices, governments can simply vote to increase the minimum wage (plus run a job guarantee as a de facto wage floor). Relative prices will slowly adjust one-time, but the net effect is a rise in the purchasing power of the lowest wage. The inflation remains, but then is only nominal, and the real wage rises, so real deflation. This'll always be the case when the labour market is not completely inelastic, and it never is, the private sector never bids for unemployed workers.

  19. The world leaders respond to leaders we don't see. Who benefits? Politicians, banks, big chain executives, energy sector etc… You must be remaining unbiased as a journalist or you are ignorant to big players behind the scenes. If the latter is the case wake up, please.

  20. You always appear to me as on the side of the elites. That's why I don't watch you much. Some of your guests however get it. Do you really not know what is truly happening? Quite surprising for a independent journalist.

  21. I think you must not fear suffering or a hungry family as many will and are experiencing. I'd like to hear your ideas. There was a day the people went in with pitch forks and said "get out". Stop promoting fear. Who do you work for? Really?

  22. As a Canadian that supported the truckers convoys movement, I will assure you the freezing of our bank accounts, the political prisoners, the media's appalling coverage and blatant lies about the protest and brutal attack on the citizens brought in by the Trudeau government is and was not a deterrent for civil unrest. Those who are aware of the elite tyrants pulling the strings to enable regular hard working people to live a respectful honest life, will not comply anymore and will continue to stand up. Canada is not done with this nonsense. We are still strong and continue to resist. The more they push the more people will wake up. I say do not comply, you are not alone in this fight.

  23. What do we think that all the young fit male imigrants coming into the country are for….. Hmmm, maybe to act as mercenary soliders against the UK population when things start to kick off over the winter. When people and their families start to feel cold and hungry, those same imigrants who are being housed in hotels with food, clothes, allowances etc etc, will be fine and dandy thank you very much and ready to do their worst!

  24. Lol, so the answer to corporate socialism is national socialism, which was Hitler's solution as well. You can have a free market without corporate socialism of any kind and it provabley works. How awesome is your cell phone for the price. Refute all socialism. It has never worked in the past in the long run.

  25. Corporations are inherently sociopathic; they are generally bound by law to put shareholder profits above all else. How can it make sense to put such organisations in such a position of power over our populations? Governments are not perfects stewards by at least they are generally answerable to and responsible for their populations.

  26. A person in private business or a person in government are both engineered to look out for themselves… (THEIR..well-beingTHEIR financial status…THEIR ego and image in the public). favoring people in government over people in private business…is the epitome of getting out of the frying pan but falling into the fire

  27. Fazi is making the typical left wing argument that misses the big picture. Is there corporate greed and has there always been and will there always be? Duh! Focusing on this aspect of the crisis shows you don't really understand it. Yes. I agree, there are corporate players who constantly look to game the system whenever they can, especially in times of crisis, and the government needs to address it. But, the real crisis we are walking into eyes wide shut is mostly an energy crisis. This has mostly been due to stupid green energy policies that aren't up to the task (e.g. Germany was trying to shut down their nuclear plants and go green – all the while buying Russian natural gas – when they have little wind and sun to enable the green tech those things require).

    "The leaders don't know how to get out of this crisis or they don't want to." – T Fazi – I would suggest the conundrum leaders face is that when a president – such Carter with energy and Bush with taxes (in the US) attempted to do what was necessary to address the problems they faced, the voters got angry and turned them out of office. Presidents or Prime Ministers might want to choose to do the right thing but their parties will pressure them not to because they will lose power in the next election. So, Reagan handily beat Carter by running a fairly tale campaign telling people what they wanted to hear. Reagan ended up raising taxes and presiding over, what was then, one of the worst recessions in recent history until that time. So, this is the game: Promise them anything. (e.g.Trump: "This American carnage stops right here, right now!" Did the carnage stop? No. Or, "I alone can fix it." If by "fix" he meant end democracy and rule of law as we know it, then he was on his way to succeeding.) This is the downside of democratic politics that too many ignorant people are voting – to paraphrase Trump, there are ignorant voters, on both sides. Sounds snobbish, I know, and I am for representative democracy, but truth needs to be spoken and let the chips fall where they will.

    If citizens are going to demand cheap gas (as they do in the US) and cheap natural gas and cheap everything else, then people/voters need to understand what is causing these shortages. It isn't simply corporate greed or cronyism that is assumed in so many comments here. YOU PEOPLE are getting what you asked for. In the UK you chose Brexit. In the US you chose to overconsume (this is the problem with cheap stuff, you simply buy more of it, from gas to SUVs to energy to everything else). You also chose more populist politics, meaning you demanded of your leaders that they do your bidding or else because you don't trust them to govern without your ignorant input. Almost NO ONE understands geopolitics in the electorate, yet they think they know best how their country's foreign policy should be conducted. Almost NO ONE has a clue about what the Bretton Woods agreement was/is that has maintained global trade and geopolitical positioning since the end of WW2 and so they demand policies that might seem wise – especially in the short term – but are a disaster for the long term. The UK is going to start reaping what they've sown with Brexit (e.g. higher costs of most things due to supply chain disruption through Brexit). Then the people will blame the government. Vote for new leaders, find that nothing changes and then take to the streets. These idiots should be protesting themselves because it is their policy demands that have been slowly and systematically dismantling the order that brought them the highest standard of living they will ever see again.

  28. I think you guys deliver the beans. Great show. But…whilst you guys are great at debating the semantics of the pimple on the ass of the elephant. But yet you can't see and /or deny the lephant in the room.
    And when a guest points out the elephant….evade. Why have them on your show…if you gonna make these "uhh ..what elephant " plays.
    Here s some advice for you lads. . .people are nt interested in the specs of the pimple. When all they see is an elephant. It s so darnn obvious.. yet you don't see it. As information professional s. You choose to not see….it seems.
    Surely at this stage of the game…you should be digging a tad deeper on this issue. Instead of shunning it. You don't even have to dig very deep….it's all out there.
    But yet.. you choose to stick to the pimples. All very interesting …indeed. Who capitalises and funds UNHERD ? Lol

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