Those “who’ve come across the seas” remember tyranny! Australians of migrant backgrounds at protests

Australians from migrant backgrounds are pouring out onto the streets of Sydney and Melbourne in opposition to Government mandates and tyranny. Q. Why are the multicultural Australians so passionate about defending freedom?
A. Because they fled from tyranny to start a new life in Australia and they remember what tyranny is. Trust the migrants guys – they know a dictator when they see one. Sack Dan Andrews! Sack Brad Hazzard!

Written by Aussie Cossack


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  1. Chris Unreasonable from Channel 7 just said Omicron is very infectious for children. When the South African doctor who discovered it, said it was very mild. Criminal stream media. When I put the link in. Criminal tuuube deletes my post.
    Which is rubbish anyway , because they have no proof of the first variant. Congratulations criminal stream media.
    That's what I will call them from now on.

  2. Hi guys has anyone looked at the dark horse podcasts about Gibraltar fiasco. 100% jab and infection multiplying daily. Phizer now says vaccine never meant to stop spread only moderate symptoms. Governments all knew this.

  3. “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;
    Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus”
    Romans 3:23-24

  4. My Dear Sweet Simeon. 🌸💜Thank you so so so much for sharing this for the whole WORLD to see. You are AWESOME Simeon💯We need this happening here right NOW in NZ 🇳🇿 Keep up the GREAT WORK for your country as they are so PROUD OF YOU. Thank you. 🙏
    Sending lots of love ❤️ kisses 😘 hugs 🤗 and blessings 🙏 to you and your lovely wife from me. Debbie. P.S….. Peace ☮️and Love ❤️ goes a long way when you are ALL Together STRONG. 💪

  5. I don’t have all the answers i think we can all humbly agree we haven’t been provided with the full story. I think these recessions are a result of the USA china trade war. Lockdowns decrease the amount a nation consumes in terms of petroleum which softens the economic downturn and allows nations to stockpile their oil. Keep in mind that petroleum reserves are crucial for the military to function. I don’t dispute that covid is simultaneously a reason for these measures but surely all these restrictions are not only for a 1.7% fatality rate. 2 birds one stone

  6. Hey mate, you want to bring this federal government down? Ask the Premier and the Prime Minister how can australia have two Prime Ministers? because either england or australia is void in its parliamentary and legal makeup…

    Ask the Premier why he has broken the federal contract his political party helped create by demand of the people? why is he supporting a fake Prime Minister that does not legally exist within australia?? Ask the Premier why he thinks politicians are above the law? i mean the ICAC is nothing compared to a real court that sits under the proper jurisdiction that created it.

    Lets give them the knock out blow by the uppercut, that they never expected..

    Have you ever heard of a country having two Prime Ministers? or a colony having a Prime Minister??? Its unheard of.

  7. Povaljska listina je najstariji sačuvani dokument pisan hrvatskom ćirilicom, a kako navodi Institut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje, nastao je 1. decembra 1250. godine.

    Danas se čuva u Župnoj kancelariji u Pučišćima na Braču, gde je stigla sa arhivom manastira Povalje, koju su u Pučišća kao svoj novi konak doneli poslednji povaljski monasi u 19. veku. Jedan je od najstarijih hrvatskih jezičkih i kulturno-istorijskih spomenika, koji svojim obimom i sadržajem posredno pruža niz zanimljivih uvida u različite životne aspekte prostora i vremena u kom je nastao.

  8. Prvi ju je 1881. godine objavio Franjo Rački u 13. knjizi Starina i od tada je podstakao brojne rasprave u nauci, pre svega u pogledu njenog diplomatskog sastava i sadržaja. Naime, u uvodnoj datiranoj rečenici, dokument sadrži 1184. godinu, kada su manastiru vraćeni neki od njegovih nekadašnjih poseda, a zatim slede opisi daljih manastirskih sticanja zemljišta, sve uz navođenje svedoka, do konačne overe ispitivača Blaža i izjave zakletog hvarskog činovnika Ivana da je ono što je video verno zapisao „u staroj knjizi“, sa navedenim datumom i zvaničnim potpisom pisara.

  9. S, my parents got us out of communist Hungary in '78 to give us a better life, like so many. Yet here we ate, amidst lies, traitors, criminals, dictators.
    My dad called it as propaganda march 2020, seeing the bs propaganda patterns already.
    Wake up Aussies, do not let this happen!!

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