Thought Biden Couldn’t Sink Any Lower?? THINK AGAIN!!

Joe Biden has been heavily criticised this week over his orders in Afghanistan. Is the Military Industry Complex still relevant even after Afghan withdrawal?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Loved the story, loved it! But, saying its impossible to alter the direction of our government through normal democratic means is inaccurate. We, the voters, do have the power to do it. We just have to VOTE! I believe that in the United States we desperately need a re-invigoration or our right to vote and how important it is.

  2. Why are you plastering Biden's face on this video and pointing to him exclusively in the title?

    While the Biden administration is involved here, Biden removed the U.S. from Afghanistan. Biden also didn't fire the shot that killed these kids.

    Is that a marketing ploy meant to attract more people to make money?

    I don't like Biden or Trump, but this is ridiculous Russell.

  3. Biden should be charged in world court for war crimes committed against the civilians in Afghanistan , pulling out t.he guidance required to use a drone prior to insuring the removal of all American and Afghani allies prior to the military leaving is going against the oath of office of The president of the USA and then afterward telling lies that he got everyone out and on top of that the murder of an aid worker and his family, really goes against American values guaranteed by their Creator. Joe Biden has been wrong on almost everything since being elected to public office, so you get what the ballots are worth after an election as the result.

  4. Trouble is our “selected”leaders are above the law, or are they, couldn’t we have just ONE for a public flogging or what about A BEHEADING on a stick , if we could just sneak one through this may make them behave… who should we choose ❤️

  5. Milley is only interested in one thing; HIMSELF. The infamous stroll next to the president over to the church was purposeful, UNTIL he found out that America was so pi**ed he was giving the image of a coup. Suddenly he tells the MSM it was bad optics and he wasn't aware of the situation. When congress started taking a knee he tells congress he wants to know about race, white extremist, and he wants to be woke. Afghanistan speaks for itself. THEN he calls China to let them know that if the president starts a war he will let them know. He says that's normal during a change of president. But that normal started with him, not previous CJCS. That is treason no matter which angle you look at it. He should be fired.

  6. Unfortunately a certain percent of the populous are sociopaths or just evil and a larger percent are willing to go along with evil if it means a salary. Transparency and free speech are the only defenses against these terrible people.

  7. @Russell Brand this is why I hate drones with weapons on the battlefield (Reaper/Predator). Someone that’s not on the battlefield is looking at the area through a soda straw size Field Of View and mistakes are made because they are looking through a targeting pod lens from many many nautical miles away, often with grainy Infrared or FLIR imaging. How could any pilot with a conscience fire on a target unless they had Positive ID and knew there would be minimal collateral? Only human pilots can make split second decisions like that because they can look under their wing or fly inverted and see the entire battlefield AND their targeting pods and make a smart decision.

    Drone warfare is just an excuse to spy on people. Sure, you can attach hellfire missiles to them, but they operate near total silence, with no thermal signature, and they’re so small they’re barely traceable on radar. Anyone think there isn’t a unarmed Reaper that occasionally flies over all of us under cover of night and clouds?

  8. My wife and I have lost two children to genetic birth defects shortly after they were each born and I can attest to the anguish that a death of a child brings not only to the immediate family, but to extended family and friends as well. It is my belief that the high infant mortality rates in under developed countries is what allows the corruption in those countries to exist. When you have just lost a child to natural causes, you don't care if the government is mismanaged or is passing out billions to cronies. All you truly care about is that your child is dead. I would imagine that if you lost a child to an airstrike in an unjust war however there would be an outrage and a hate that would skip over your own government and be directed to the government firing the missiles.

  9. You’re a gift. I feel soon you’ll be labeled as an extremist, because you kind and honest agenda to bring out the absolute corruption that’s being promoted and permitted by our current administration

  10. This video was linked to by The Telegraph as proof you (Russell, or anyone representing him who reads this) are propagating anti-vax conspiracy theories. I was surprised when I read it, I don't remember you doing that and I watch often.

    Sue them, if you can.

  11. OMG – this beats ALL of the bumbling and lying and manipulating of the truth by Biden and his Administration!! What an evil SOB! I can't believe I once voted for that idiot as our VP. I thankfully didn't vote for him this time around. Still, we're apparently stuck with this thriving, lying eejit for another 3 years. Ugh… 🤮

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