Thought Big Pharma Couldn’t Sink Any Lower? THINK AGAIN!!!

Merck is planning to charge Americans 40 times its cost for a COVID drug whose development was subsidized by the American government.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Please make sure you are clarifying Gross or Net Profit. There’s a big difference. Governments are not in the business of creating medications. They can “prime the pump” but ultimately it’s a manufacturer that takes on the responsibility of producing said products.

    What if these products do their job and eradicate covid? Now, you have massive production lines that can produce millions becoming obsolete. A company would have to lay off workers and retool lines- If a 100% of the equipment can be used for other products. People do realize what it takes to manufacture something. All of a sudden those “40 times profits” don’t have much left.

  2. "SURE!! I'll fund your research…but only under the condition that you charge me 40x the cost of the finished poison and grant me access among your first guinea pigs!
    ~ The average, non-critical thinking, public school indoctrinated, university "educated", American citizen.

  3. My husband and I both stopped our pharmaceutical drugs in favor of vitamins and infusions. We are doing much better and not paying for drugs and ridiculous doctor appointments. It is all a gamble to not do it the traditional-take-it-from-the-doc way, but it's also a gamble not listening to our bodies in favor of a system that doesn't give a shit.

  4. Thank you Russell for telling it like it truly is. Hope so of these ppl who believe in their gov. will open their eyes. Our government have been dishonest and greedy for many decades now. It goes way back. I wonder who the last HONEST President was. Hmmm🤔
    Guesses anyone.. .

  5. Revelation 13:4
    King James Version

    4 And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

    this is all part of the new system they are bringing forward, it has been in the works for years, hidden and quiet but now the birth pangs are getting stronger and the new beast system is about to be born.

  6. Please Russll is there nothing you can find important that Canada is doing? We all love big brother don't get me wrong but well, we are neighbors after all there is a lot going on in reaction to the big guys by the puny countries who share some similar issues not to mention expansive borders with. Lot of love, a humble Canadian fan.

  7. I'd like to know what's happened to the Covax drug developed in Australia, that is apparently more effective than the Pfizer, J&J, Moderna and others that are currently being pushed, and obviously don't work.

  8. Risk is not just vaccinations, but any legal drug. I suffer risk during my treatments for Fibromyalgia and Pundenal nerve pain. Some almost died from , because the doctors doubt my side effects add to my symptoms. Drugs increased my pain I already had. Some of the drugs I tried pushing my body to take. So I either get used to it, or die. They was putting weapon in my hands to a chronic sick person . Whom had history I suicide attempts. Why suicide , because no one in the medical community was me feel villianphied. Stress from this and the pain was pushing to do it. Rejection to get government benefits to have more time seek better treatments and time to heal. All this malpractice kills more people suffering from chronic pain each year.

  9. What really sucks about Sinema? Well, she was the democrat republicans trusted, albeit begrudgingly, and democrats didn’t bother questioning her for her beliefs because she was openly bisexual and it was just so important to have an openly bi senator

  10. In Canada, our PM, has financially benefited from the purchase of the vaxx! He’s preordered 10x for every Canadian the vaxx and boosters for every Canadian. Whilst all have no idea he’s profiting from every dose!

  11. brainstorming solutions: introduce a few CEO and revolving door fascists to the general prison population for an extended stay and label them as pedos. Racketeering is supposed to be illegal.

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