Thought Bill Gates Was The Only Billionaire Buying Up Land?!

After Bill Gates’s proposed plan to build a ‘Smart City’ In Arizona, welcome now to Telosa, a $400bn “city of the future,” according to its founder, the billionaire Marc Lore.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Any time these Billionaires do some philanthropic act it's always in a way that's playing God. They want control. Same way the CCP is "giving aid" to African countries for debts they can't afford, eventually leading to them taking over their natural resources

  2. Billionaires should not exist! One human should not be able to own more $ than an entire town, or whole state , and sometimes even more than an entire country in some cases. There are starving children assholes!

  3. Hi Russell, with best intentions, since your channel is about the U.S., say something about the country you live in – where all of us around here live too – the UK. It doesn't look a single inch better around here. In fact it's .. bad. Why not help people right around here with your ability to look without filter ?

  4. Bill gates?? Imagine an entire city running windows for everything from door locks to traffic lights…
    The whole thing shuts down to do an update that makes everything run worse than it did before, In a DESERT! my god

  5. Why must they build on pristine land!!??? How about rebuilding the burnt out inner cities and help the people living in those hell holes. I'm sure they would benefit by living in a billionaire utopia….
    Oh wait!! Utopia is only for the billionaires. How silly of me…

  6. When billionaires state they want to create equity, what they mean is that they just want everybody to be equally poor, dependent on and subservient to them.

  7. There’s a shot of this guy talking with post-post-modernist architecture clown Bjarke Ingels, so you know this city will be just one big lifeless render with FUCK YOU SONORA DESERT written all over it. Somewhere, Ken Layne of Desert Oracle Radio is shaking his head…

  8. I remember a man that promised to build a fair and equitable utopia from scratch once, not in the desert, but in the lush and fertile land of Guyana. Though not a billionaire, the Reverend Jim Jones actually broke ground and developed The People's Temple of Jonestown. A glorious worker's paradise, free from capitalist oppression. yeahhhh well…

  9. Have you noticed one thing about all of these billionaire leftists? They ignore all of the Democrat run shithole cities. Their idea of utopia is all the residents will be millionaires or you cannot live in that city. Just proves once again how leftist policies have never worked and never will.

  10. I'm ignorant but I feel like if magnates want to buy up tens of thousands of acres of land in a state, the people in that state should maybe be asked if they even want that.

  11. They think they are marching toward "utopia" however, in reality, they are marching the world quickly toward Armageddon. They won't be smiling for long. The "illuminated" were fooled by their "illumination". It was so bright, they could no longer see the truth. Blinded by their own great light. They say the easiest to con are those who con. It appears that statement is the truth.

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