Thought Elections Couldn’t Sink Any Lower?? THINK AGAIN!!!

An anti-Trump hoax BACKFIRES Glenn Youngkin wins the race to be Virginia’s governor – what does this tell us about the present government and are there any lessons we can learn from history?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Russel, truly appreciate your articulate, clearly spoken, compelling treatment of each idea you discuss. Sir, is it possible that the Third Economic Way could be as simple as increasing wages as high as the market can stand? Self interest tends to cause good results from Capitalism. However, Smart Self Interest boosts Capitalism and perhaps could end poverty and homelessness. Increasing the Minimum Wage laws is what I call Smart Self Interest. Smart Self Interest would benefit Big and Small Business owners just as much as workers. The CRITERIA for setting Minimum Wage laws should be: Regular, significant increases in the Minimum Wage AS LONG AS Profits INCREASE or stay the same, and AS LONG AS Job Numbers INCREASE or stay the same. This would be a WIN/WIN! In order to sell stuff business leaders should be forced to realize that they need customers who have money to spend.

  2. Together we could end the conflict between good people on the right and good people on the left, who BOTH sincerely wish to end poverty and homelessness, by taking a second, critical look at an old idea. Setting Minimum Wage laws to $22 per hour, (with additional, regular, significant increases within limits set by CRITERIA), would cause profits and job numbers to INCREASE (not decrease). Wages would eventually reach a sweet spot where additional increases would be detrimental to profits and jobs. Reaching that point is TUNED IN capitalism. The Criteria for Minimum Wage Increases should be: Regular and Significant AS LONG AS profits and job numbers INCREASE or stay the same. Capitalism can eliminate poverty and homelessness if it is tuned in correctly. To sell stuff businesses need customers who have money to spend.

  3. If people awoke to the fact that we "have more in common than what separates us" as you said at the start, then the people would truly have the power to change politics as we know it. For instance, a supermajority of Americans support affordable (or "free") healthcare for all, equality in education for all, raising the minimum wage to a livable one…I could go on and on. The problem is these issues never make it onto the ballot. Instead we get to vote for people who claim to support these issues but who almost invariably renege on their campaign promises once elected because, by then, they're already bought by corporate interests. We need to rebuild from the bottom up. Otherwise, any promising candidate or policy is nothing but a shiny, new nail hammered into a collapsing structure.

  4. Appreciate you Russell. I never expected you to become such a relevant figure. Thank you and congrats.

    I share your opinion that politics is sensation drama television made to distract and entertain.

    For many years, I have been encouraging people to organize within their local communities and identify leaders that know their name and face.

    I have been living ang building off-grid for several years and prepping for the rebirth. I think it's going to be pretty amazing.

  5. Obuma worked hard? Besides hitting the crack pipe all the time, he didn't get up until the crack of 1pm. Even Valerie Jarrett said he got up very late and scheduled State functions in the afternoon and evening.

  6. Oh you done it. Fair play, you got same email? Got some CIA docs for you look at, don't stress not hacked this time lol. Been recommending you on my Facebook page. Thanks no problem 😊 joking, Never reply Russ, don't be.ike that YouTube man. Lol , respect.

  7. The left is a cancer. Step 1: pander to poor that you will help them. Step 2: implement policies and laws that make their situation worse. Step 3: blame the enemy. Step 4: think people will be so dumb to not see the truth and vote for you again. I guess, when it comes to the "left", they're right.

    Variations of this is how the world is controlled day in day out. Whether they are pandering economics or hate, supposedly the left will protect and care for you and the right is your enemy. But no, wolves HIDE IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING. They WILL ALWAYS MASQUERADE AS GOOD.

  8. Did anyone else notice that one of those torch weilding White Supremacists was black?
    I think the left may be having some trouble finding white guys in their ranks with normal sized earlobes.

  9. Mate did you know Obama is related to G W Bush thay are all related to Cleopatra True. Here's one for ya Shitlaz dad was a Rothschild no shit brother.🇬🇧👍stay FREE

  10. Everybody needs to start working in their own backyard. Help your neighbor. Turn le light off when you leave the room, don't idle your car for minutes when you can turn it off. Be humble in your opinions. Give that homeless dude what you can afford. Sabotage evil!

  11. I am definitely closer to a Republican (the ideal at least) than a Democrat, but Tulsi Gabbard would have been the first Presidential Candidate that I would have PROUDLY voted for. It's sad that people with integrity like that are passed over for people who clearly don't have, and never have had, the best intentions and the needs/wants of the people in mind.

  12. Politics has or maybe always was, complete rubbish. I am neither completely left, nor completely right. I do hold conservative values, but I don't see them in the right…they talk a good talk but ….let's just face it, both parties have to GO!

  13. What you mean dark path? He got KIM to denuclearize! Who coud have done that? Did any other president care? And he pulled out troops out of syria. Yeah, what a MONSTER he is right? What hes talking about, is that we life in a country where everybody wants to be liked. And in a country where everybody wants to be liked? Only narcissists and celebrities can survive. The gist of the story is that, NO HUMAN HAS MORE ETHICAL SUPERIORITY THAN THE OTHER. Yet you treat all your morning show heroes like gods. Coudn`t it be that they are all out on their own interests? People making anti Trump Videos, wouldnt even put in the hours to watch all his speeches over and over again, to look for inconsistencies. Because everybody is busy with themselves. What you should think is, that EVERY person to your left and to your right is probably full of shit. But trump has the advantage that he created results for a change. You can't ignore him anymore

  14. In America we need to have term limits and to break apart lobbying firms and not allow any monies exchanging hands or back room deals. Our politicians must be made to sign ethics co tracts and they must be open to allow a complete transparency to their bank accounts and have to file any stock gains. Until we separate money from ppl in political positions (not allowing for govt contracts w/politicians or their families as is with Lottery rules). But term limits are a must! We also need to have open investigations as to who is bank rolling any politician on either side of the aisle and stop the billionaire's ability to "put in" their hand picked candidate favorable to their economic interest. We also need to go back to paper ballots and have a military presence to escort them to the counting process. Elections were far more fair before technology.

  15. Dear Russell, I haven't viewed the vid yet…. just revelling in the fact that I am about the four million 500 thousandth sparkling jewel in the universe……. what if ? We
    Elected known figures in communities, that had run local efforts to help the people on the street?? Who represented a cross section of populace to amass a body of people – akin to jury service – where if you are selected – through the process – one has to commit to commuting to London, into the house of commons – which is kept Historically, through national funding; to remind us of the new way. And live In quality funded accommodation, with all office facilities, expenses paid – your four year ! Lifetime term of office!!!! Selected by the people, for the people, and earth, and continued fair existence……… only problem! 10% of the populace, own 90% of the wealth, and they ain't gonna give it up. No matter what….. unless the electricy/stops!!!! gets switched off? Then what????????????

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