Thought The Pandemic Was Bad? THIS Is What’s Coming

What impact did Covid lockdowns have in countering the global uprisings of 2018 and 2019, and with protests again occurring across the world, did the restrictions only delay the inevitable? I spoke with Max Blumenthal from The Grayzone (link below) about government reposes to the pandemic and the opportunities it presented them. #covid #lockdown #pandemic

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. There are a lot of American sheep that have already succumbed. They are eating the fruits provided for them as they casually sway towards the place where sheep go and never come back🧐

  2. Next requirement will Tax You Your Exhaling carbon because You poison the environment there Mother Earth Nature because they worship the nature which is Satan is behind You must fear God the true Creator not created materials or Satan. Santa / Satan. Did you figure?

  3. Of course the govt produces catastrophes!!! Tony Fauci "predicted" in 2017 that there would be a global plandemic by the time Trump left office! Watch the video!

    Why is he not doing a life prison sentence!!!

  4. They require the Farmers not to cultivate their farmland & not to plant and grows just to Control food supplying so that many will comply to there order surrender and submit themselves to the Government.

  5. to test who will and will not conform to destroy eaters…sick, old, weak…..which is everyone who struggles w gas n food which is me. cool its ok im ready to go this whole place blows i wish i was dating an elon id be like babe lets jet lol literally live away from you all if i could i hate everyone trashy sick narcissist waste of flesh spreading hate and diseases lol cheat lie steal manipulate destroy yall all are turning into scambrturds and karens and snowflakes. hookers……no point in me dating as a good girl cuz all you hookers got me being treated as a hooker preemptively in every relationship I start just in case because that's what they're used to hookers cute right don't mean anyone online

  6. Biden’s HATE Speech on Maga and Republican Politics (9-1-22) …It was the most disgusting, divisive and downright abusive dialogue spoken to an American nation I have heard since a certain little mustachioed guy from the late 40’s rallied Germans to war!!!

    CNN, NBC, MSNBC & CBS …”Biden gave a fiery but mostly unifying speech!”

  7. Those people in India not being able to take part in a food program sounds a lot like, in this case super tragic, "Computer says no" kind of jobsworth. These kind of systems should, in the first place, be there to support the program, and not dictate a (negative) outcome. Normally you'd have an option saying something like, person alife at officer desk which allows the officer to ask for a mandate of a senior government official to pass out a go for the, otherwise unrecognisable, civilian.
    Also, there are actual statistics showing a beneficial outcome both in short term and in long term for those regions where micro credits are introduced. For these regions its crucial for individuals to be able to start up a self sustaining way of life. We are talking about taking up a loan to be able to buy a rooster and a few chickens here, where the loan is payed off by selling excess eggs and a chicken or two. That's right about twenty us dollars can main a sustainable life for someone out there on the outskirts.
    This model works because of being a loan instead of a gift, making the people feel at worth instead of in dependency.

  8. Sadly around the world due to social programming and indoctrination …. some humans will always want to own, control, milk, exploit and rule over as much as they can …and so they will plot, plan, scheme and find many different ways to create, promote , attract, convince, direct, subjugate, force,, divide, manipulate and exploit others – always for personal power, profit and gains!

    The real clever ones will do this whilst also claiming that they are noble and righteous bosses, leaders and saviours, while others do the same, but in secret never truly revealing themselves or their actions… but all are actively dividing, ruling and exploiting as much as they can without being questioned or found out….but even then some don't care and blatantly go about their business.

    This has been happening for hundreds of thousands of years ….So why are people still shocked and surprised that all humans and their man made hierarchies lead to the same huge divisions and disparities ….and conflicts and rivalries of greed, self interest, delusion and corruption.

    Truth is we exist in a paradox as Hierarchies will always be unequal systems ….and can never truly lead to completely egalitarian social system, group or organisation.

    And so challenging and making new ones change little…. except adding more self deluded overlords, bosses and puppet masters to the mix.

    But it keeps us on our knees or on our thrones I guess!

  9. Thank you Russell for this episode. Really appreciate how you are putting yourself on the line to expose the truth. I lost my job in the NZ Police after 17 years service as a result of the crazy mandates. A group of us hired a good lawyer and commenced a judicial review in the High Court. The NZ High Court found the police had acted unlawfully and overturned the mandate allowing us to get our jobs back. For me there was no going back. A large part of the job had evolved into simply becoming the “Covid Police” which was definitely not what I joined up for. We have a particularly evil prime minister here in NZ who is hell-bent on gaining absolute control over all within her kingdom. I am just one of many who left the job refusing to be one of her henchmen.
    Keep up the good work with what you are doing, it is truely appreciated.

  10. Good morning America,I have a documentary on all of you out there with a Roku tv,go to search & punch up the man from 3036 about OUR FUTURE, the title is confessions of a time traveler,my friends you will be SHOCKED, PLEASE WATCH

  11. Thank you so much for the info. Its very welcome and refreshing to get a clear perspective from other working intellectuals. I am gaining more confidence with every video I view from you.

  12. If this horse faced egomaniac was genuinely challenging the establishment, YouTube would delete his channel. He’s a Freemasonic, Satanic deceiving puppet with “33” tattooed on his arm forever.

  13. I'm planning on moving back to America in about 3 years and God help me I live in California. I'm an American living in Taiwan we have to be vaccinated to work I have my vaccination card but I didn't want to be vaccinated
    This crap about what I just heard please tell me this isn't happening anytime soon

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