Thought The Pandemic Was BAD?! This Is What’s NEXT!

Is our society quickly turning into a form of dictatorship through power grabs during the pandemic and big tech’s control over our lives? Professor Dr. Brad Evans, who I spoke to on my Under the Skin podcast explains how this shift might be occurring without us even knowing!
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. No he is not correct what he says applies to the religious who need leadership, some people think for themselves recognise the flaws but are powerless to make the changes due to the sheep following the leader.

    Sense says when something is wrong you challenge it, that won't make it right but it does send a message that they are being watched.

  2. Watched your video of fact checkers and how they fact check people they are funded by etc. Have you any videos of fact checkers who have no conflicting interests because everything seems one sided and this could be view as just to help your channel which I hope not because I I really like it.

  3. Certainly the pandemic creates masses of religious like fanatics on all sides whose faith in their path is resolute and is enhanced by a propaganda machine that micro manipulates data creating ever more complex misleading and triggered info. The smartphone and TV are perhaps the most effective and addictive portals, directing the masses into believing they make their own decisions.

  4. The storm has not yet passed for American citizens as long as "Sleepy Joe" and his socialist democratic comrades continue with their venomous socialist spending policies and insane vaccine mandates where they seem to want every American to star in their democratic horror movie reminiscent of “Debbie Does Dallas” where it should be called “Biden Does America” as he couples up his fists and dictatorially says to the American people, "Our patience is wearing thin". He is adamant to shove his democratic socialist agenda down American people’s throats and power thrust vaccines up their rear end so that as many people as possible become his c**-dump, or in this case his "vaccine-dumps". During these power thrusts, he doesn’t want American citizens to come up for air–just the illegals–nor do he and Fauci want any lube provided unless it's the vaccine being strategically used to strip down the rights of American citizens so that it makes it easier for them to "pound out" American citizens real good as they are barebacked and fisted of their constitutional rights.

    We have a government that is in complete disarray due its nature of being “woke-washed” in the broken-down liberal control machine that is synonymous with the Biden administration such that it is now seeking to ban people from domestic air travel unless they have been perfectly "lubed up". People must continue to wake up and re-clothe themselves with their constitutional rights, rather than to willingly give up their body’s vaccine-related virginity to a group of liberal thugs who are bent on a major socialist take-over of America. From CRT to vaccine mandates to the economy being on its back with its legs open taking hits and thrusts at the gas pumps and grocery stores to massive spending policies aimed at creating free programs for people who don't want to take responsibility for their own lives and behavior in order to play the blame-game in the form of the race card and freebies, the evidence should be very clear of a governmental, socialist agenda.

  5. I’ve always felt that the internet was much like the tree – with it’s knowledge of good and evil
    We were never meant to know all that’s God’s domain yet many minds are being washed
    And now who thinks they’re almighty? Governments, big business, big Pharma (the accessory to our fall)
    Saints preserve us!

  6. Labels, symbols, and stories are oppressive and racist to all Human Beings!

    Beliefs and feelings are individual choice.

    "All Human Beings are the same because all Human Beings are 100% different"!

    Different is a Human fact!

    Give Peace for Peace ❤☮☯️🌐

  7. What he described has always been used by the powers in recorded history. This isn't new but what is new is how the sociopaths employ their old tricks. Religion /spiritualism has always been the easy way to control and rob people. The way to beat the game is to not play it. Belief is the tool they use so stop believing, stop putting belief before facts. Drop your religion/spiritism and open your eyes. Only a universal rejection in the ways of magical thinking can save us from out overlords. You Russell promote magical thinking with your slant on spiritualisms. We must accept the fact that there is no evidence of spirits or gods and we are nothing special in nature other than our self delusions which the elites promote and use against us. Belief is killing mankind, it's what drives the stock market and the MIC. Belief in belief will kill us all in the end. Our ruling psychopaths also have beliefs and that is why things are as they are.

  8. The politics of the Left appears to be a religious belief with its own cosmology, dogma, insistence on conformity that brands and shuns “heretics.” It even has its own apocalyptic scenario in order to rule by fear. Members of the Left strut their self-righteousness with virtue signaling.

  9. Totalitarianism is a religion. Christianity is benevolent and self-sacrificial at its core. That has been manipulated and completely missed by abusers in the past (Crusades, etc)…but those missed the point of Jesus and the first Christians. Totalitarianism won't be benevolent…it won't be self-sacrificial…it will be BAD.

  10. New York Times: Investigating "Drone CIVILIAN Deaths." Pentagon found: "NO PROBLEM " { Killing 7 Innocent Children } in Afghanistan, via Drone? NOW, it is Time to : File LAWSUIT, to ABOLISH – NATO! Even if, it ONLY Cost Taxpayers $250,000 to { Burn Children Alive, } NOT The usual $500,000, there are still Some "ETHICAL PROBLEMS" Here? "Don't Ya Think?"

  11. There is 2 theory on living democratic where the people have a say to a point which dont make us free or authoritarian and china plans to own the world n make us all who gets chance survive it's starting to look like to me since ww2 Britain has had 100 years of peace well ish coz we had strikes I wake up knowing now this is just an existence not freedom I watch Alaska homestead n just homesteading in general n think these people live a true self sufficient life n that's how it should be for all but we live in a world now where whis world is sold off yet it's meant to belong to all of us

  12. Humanism has always leaned toward gnosticism…the claim of divine knowledge and esoteric secrets. We see this in Critical Race Theory…that you just know someone is a racist even without evidence. We will see this gnosticism (divine automatic secret knowledge) in totalitarianism government regimes as well. This requires grace, love and prayer.

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