Thoughts on Australia’s COVID restrictions 18 months in to the pandemic


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Written by Louis Rossmann


  1. I have been living through this in Sydney, Australia, since the beginning of the pandemic. I agree that the Governments (both Federal & State) did not go hard enough on getting vaccines.

    The media has a lot to answer for, regarding the reluctance for citizens to opt for the AstraZeneca vaccine because of their fear-mongering regarding the minute possibility of having bloodclots (you have more chance of dying from the Flu or getting hit by a bus).

    I have had both doses of AstraZeneca now and know that I will most likely need a booster shot in probably second quarter of next year (2022) – doing my part for my personal health & the health of the community as well.

    While the draconian methods that have been applied by the Governments (during this Delta variant rampage) is appalling in this day & age, the fact that a very large number of residents/citizens did not or would not heed advice has lead to this situation, which is actually driving the vaccination rates in the right direction & with reasonable speed as well. I believe that the higher number of known cases is reflective of the sheer amount of testing that is now getting done and not necessarily a result of completely new cases.

    BTW, the kids (young adults) were not "playing outside", they were having an unauthorised party & not social distancing.

    My 2c worth… 😉

  2. All you people that are for this kind of stuff, people that say the unvaccinated should be denied hospital treatment are seriously gonna regret it.
    You have given up freedom for safety, this will come here when it gets bad this winter. The vaccine won’t save you either…maybe you will figure it out when your 10th booster is needed?.

  3. You have to realize that with these absurdly disproportionate responses to this "pandemic", there are clearly ulterior motives… something else entirely; these measures make little sense.

    You don't burn down the house because you found a hole in the wall. The economies of the world are not recoverable within a reasonable timeframe at this point. What many forget, especially in the media is that in November of 2019, the Federal Reserve was talking about negative rates. This would have collapsed everything, worse than in the 1920's. Presently the currencies of the world are on emergency life support. Unrestricted spending has consequences.

  4. Supposedly, shelter animals have also been killed to prevent volunteers from traveling to assist them, and I heard that an infant child was condemned to die because travel would have been required to save them. I don't know the veracity of the second claim, but Australia sounds like a royal shitshow at the moment.

  5. I feel like a lot of non-Australians are in here commenting on this. The issues right now are two fold. The Prime Minister screwed up the vaccine rollout. And… Lockdowns…these are due to the NSW's Premier (Leader of the NSW State Government) not doing a snap lockdown across her state preventing a spread. As a result she infected the East Coast. The military thing is stupid. They're not doctors and most people agree. The last part of the article is accurate. Right now only in the last two months has there been a huge push to vaccinate.

  6. To be fair our government has a really bad track record for being able to develop apps that actually work or do half the things they are supposed to so it's not as scary as it sounds, assume half the functions of the app won't work properly

  7. Yo check out friendlyjordies Louis and audience. He has been a big advocate of all the corruption in Australia thru his comedy and YouTube. Dude even had the deputy premier call the anti-terrorist police on one of his employees because of his comments.

    Now imagine if Trump had arrested everyone who threatened to kill him

  8. Thoughts from me as I guess what would be called 'moderate' Aussie (hate buzzwords like that, very open to interpretation but anyways here it goes).

    I don't think home quarantine is a good idea in general. The fact that the South Australian state government feels it needs a draconian facial recognition app that sends the cops if you don't respond fast enough should be enough of a reason to say why.

    You could understand how we got here, where the federal government failed at the few key jobs they had during the pandemic.
    Quarantine – left to states who had to rely on hotels in the middle of the city to do it and we've seen over and over again how unreliable that is. The current outbreak in New South Wales (which is where the vast majority of new cases is being recorded atm) I think was started by a single limo driver working in that area.
    Vaccinations – we're one of the last in the developed world on the list.
    And of course a good chunk of the jobkeeper wage subsidies went to the Liberal party's (which is Australia's equivalent of the Tories) big corporate friends that didn't need it instead of people who did.

    The discussion on how long lockdowns can stay has become a big discussion recently in the mainstream media. The delta variant is really testing the limits of lockdowns too. Western Australia (which has had no new cases and next to no internal restrictions for a while now) is going full on to avoid another lockdown with their borders, and my state of Queensland is also very wary of our southern border with New South Wales. And personally I don't want my state to to come to the point where we're discussing whether or not we should learn to live with the virus either. I acknowledge that it's inevitable, but barely a third of our eligible population has been fully vaxxed.

  9. @ Louis Rossmann. How much did you get to promote taking the "V"? I'm thinking back to the time when you did your bike ride to a "V' clinic to get your "V". average paid to celebs in UK is £70K…should ask Paul Daniels in Australia how much he got for promoting the "V' too and you Louis and Paul Daniels have work in progress now. I wonder who donated to your projects! It would seem that not only politicians are bought and paid for pricks. You guys are always going down the "Rabbit Hole" WHY ARE YOU NOT GOING DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE of this Convid scam?