Thoughts on suspension of MP Andrew Bridgen for antisemitism relating to vaccine remarks

Written by Norman Fenton


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  1. Thank you, Professor Fenton, for your support of Andrew Bridgen. It's greatly appreciated. Anyone honest, with an IQ above room temperature, struggles to see how Mr Bridgen's remarks were anti semitic. I guess that excludes the hysterical Matt Hancock and Rishi Sunak.

  2. Dear Norman thanks for posting this, I normally comment on Dr John Campbell's videos… I was hoping you could do a review of the Fergusson models for the last few disasters, the mad cow, swine flu, bird flu come to mind… But I think that it is now necessary to compare his model to the reality…. Too many people are hiding behind the so called number of lives saved by the gene therapy MRNA experimental drugs being called so called vaccines
    In addition to this Dr Spiros Pantazatos has published a medical paper which clearly shows the results are not going to be at all accurate..
    Thanks again for helping to spread the word… about the MAYBE SAFE MAYBE EFFECTIVE medical interventions approval for a bio countermeasure…

  3. Of course that’s why they have done it. There was nothing antisemitic in what he said. Typical magicians trick look over here while the real action is taking place elsewhere! He deserves promotion not cancellation! The truth now appears to be what they want it to be from the department of misinformation, welcome to 1984.

  4. Excellent and personally truthful video with totally supportive comments. The Con servative party does not deserve to have Andrew. I hope he resigns and forces a by-election that he wins outright as an independent MP.

  5. Well done, Norman! Both right and brave, given the ostriches we have in parliament. They are sad excuses for our democratically elected representatives, either ignorant or cowards.

  6. You are absolutely correct; the media took particular and varying routes to denigrate Mr Bridgen's call for an investigation into vaccine efficacy, so as to divert attention from the actual message.. Shameful on every count.

  7. He lost the whip for his anti-science remarks about vaccines. Anyone who is educated about vaccines knows there is a small risk from them, but anyone who isn't a nutjob also knows those risks are tiny compared to the risk in not taking them. Scientists and doctors around the world are constantly working on making them even safer. No one is hiding this. Quite frankly, we don't need crazy conspiracy theorists in Parliament. Lets not have our government reduced to the clown show the US government has become.

  8. I'm Jewish too, I also had relatives who were murdered by the Nazi's, and I agree with Norman Fenton, 100%. Also, I want to say that the Jewish communal leaders who are condemning Andrew Bridgen definitely do NOT speak for me!

    I admit I would have advised him not to phrase things in the way that he did, because of the inevitable reaction that would ensue but all this condemnation is a distraction discussion of the actual issue, which is that genuine harm has been caused to a lot of previously healthy people who took the vaccine, many of whom did not even need it, and nobody is taking responsibility for this.

  9. You are right! Saying that something is bad since the holocaust means 1. it is a bad thing like the holocaust was 2. "since the holocaust", means the holocaust was far worse. Everybody understands that. But Hancock is so desperate that he tries to cancel someone just because the word "holocaust" was used. Total panic from them who couldn't wait for ANY excuse to suspend and punish him for daring asking questions. "How dare you Mr Hancock?"

  10. In particular I find Matt Hancock's comment particularly odious. I have not found one person who considers Andrew Brigdens tweet i any way anti semitic. Even those who disagree with him see this as an exercise to shut him up. Thank You Prof. Fenton for speaking out.

  11. Thanks for all your hard work. If they're going to continue with this ridiculous branding of anyone and everyone as antisemitic then they have already lost the argument. Keep up the good work.

  12. His suspension is ridiculous . They have tried to use the idea of antisemitism to prevent the public looking at the main issue of deaths and illnesses caused . There is desperation in the air for all of those who supported much of this madness . The truth will come out . Be peaceful and thank you for speaking up .

  13. I have listened to your interviews where you analyze the data regarding the injections and I found the analysis you presented very informative thank you. You have analyzed this episode of political mumbo-jumbo correctly as well. Thank you again.

  14. Dear Sir, I have a lot of respect and sympathy for you. You are completely right about MP Bridgen. The only important remark I have is about the tragic history of your family in the German concentration camp. You speek about your father as the holocaust survivor in Poland. In Poland ware the German concentration camps, ghettos and it was Nazi Germany fully responsible for it and not Poland. I am sure you know it, but there are a lot of (jong) people who doesn’t. It is very important to be precise when talking about it.

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