Thousands attend anti-vax protests across Australia

Thousands of ‘freedom’ protesters have descended on Melbourne and Sydney as another round of vaccine mandate rallies kick off.

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  1. Again with the intentionally misleading video title. The protest was against discrimination, segregation, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports and Dan’s health bill. Yes, there is a lot of scepticism specifically about the Covid vax safety (not any other vax) but if you have to sign an indemnity waiver to get it then I think it’s a legitimate concern. The number of fully vaccinated people transmitting Covid also raises a lot of questions about the efficacy rate.

  2. Right now Morrison is losing ground in the polls, his party is so desperate and today he has announced new social media laws for online trolls, in other words, silence the people. His government has introduced social media legislation but it’s ok for the media to set the comments traps. I don’t know what happens on FB or Twitter but I say they’ll target YouTube but I don’t really give a F*#. These actions by Morrison are desperate measures for desperate politicians to remain in power because after the last 2years of being continually bombarded with restrictions, ruled under the Clayton Medical Martial Laws disguised as expert medical advice these tyrants are running out of steam especially with the looming elections. During this pandemic and behind the closed National Pandemic Cabinet doors, these politicians and expert Chief Medical Advisers make their decisions in secret, it sort of gives them all swollen heads to have unlimited powers over their constituents. So they’re in political trouble and for the protesters and online trolls there will be consequences, so all of a sudden here comes the Omicron Variant out of South Africa, timing is impeccable, right before Christmas, the changing of the narrative and they need a distraction. Hang on my friends, things are going to go to new level, especially with our freedom, this PM is a narcissistic sociopath and he will continue to tell lies in which he is now so famous for.

  3. World Blackout on December 25th – shut down all power generators and cut off all distribution lines in every country in the world. "NOTHING WILL WORK UNTIL FREEDOM RETURNS" 💀💀💀💀

  4. These are Freedom Marches and Rallies against the Vaccine Mandate Tyranny and these are NOT Thousands they are 10's of Thousands and World Wide over the last 2 Day 10's of Millions !!!! We here in QLD Australia Support ALL our Brothers and Sisters – Bravo – well done !!!!

  5. Vielen Dank und Gottes Segen Ihnen!
    Dem Ganzen liegt ein Abfall von Gott, Jesus und von der Bibel zugrunde! Denn an Gottes Segen ist alles gelegen!
    Es ist ja klar dass nur in den christlichen Länder so mörderische Massnahmen eingesetzt werden …
    In allen anderen Länder, da ist fast nichts los von wegen Massnahmen … weil sie dort keine Industrie und keine florierende Wirtschaft (die überall dort floriert wo die christlichen Werte und Massstäbe galten), zu zerstören müssen um die Menschen klein zu kriegen und gefügig zu machen!
    Ja alles was gut funktioniert muss zermalmt werden! Die Diktatur ist nicht mehr weit! Es sei denn die Menschen kommen echt und von ganzem Herzen zurück zu Gott, in aller Demut! Johannes 3, Vers 16.
    Dort wo ein Volk nähmlich zurück zu Gott und die Bibel findet, dort kann Gott ein Wunder geschehen lassen … es kann wieder Frieden, Ordnung, Freiheit und Wohlstand für alle eintrwten!!! Amen! Shalom shalom, so wie es die wunderbare Missionarin sagt in ihren unzähligen Videos über das Werk in Affrika!!!
    Die Bibel ist der einzige "Liebesbrief" Gottes, an uns seine geliebten Geschöpfe!!! Gott segne Sie und tausend Dank für Ihre heldenhafte Arbeit!!! Amen!

  6. Penny wang and kelvin rude now become the useful idiot for Communist China, every one knows the covid virus was made and spread from China, these two pretend nothing happens.

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