Thousands of Defibrillators being rolled out across Australia

Thousands of defibrillators are being rolled out in Australian homes with hopes that one day every household will have one. They weigh less than half a kilogram and are easy to use if anyone…..” suddenly collapses “.

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  1. So their dodgy vaccine causes heart issues and now they are rolling out defibrillators. These pieces of garbage need to be prosecuted for the damage they have done. Not concerned with peoples lives when jabbing everyone were they?

  2. First DIY at home pap smears and now this.
    They're really accelerating Klaus's 4th industrial revolution 2030 now that the ID chips have been implemented aren't they.

  3. Videos like this make me angry. What a load of typical corporate brainwashing BS. Much like a doctor gives you a pill for people with diabetes, now they have something to zap yourself with when your heart misbehaves. The only problem is both try to cover up the symptoms, rather than address the true cause of having to need one in the first place. The government should be spending a lot more $$$ on educating people on diet so they should never need these devices in the first place.

    Oh wait, that won't work, since the polititions are in bed with the media and big food/pharma corps.

  4. Hearts attacks are super unrelated.

    Unrelated to what you ask? Well you're not allowed to ask and I'm not allowed to answer.

    It is simply "unrelated" think nothing of it

    Now drink the poison serf

  5. My first thought was due to Ambulances and Hospital shortages it will be the way to go. Sort your medical issues out yourself. Cheaper for the Government. All part of a plan

  6. There is no end to the Pharma profit from just one lab product. Imagine what they had in store from the 40 in Ukraine. Hospital ED in every street?

  7. Performing a medical procedure on someone without a training certification might leave one open to being sued If further complications arise…unless they fully recover that is. I'm pretty sure "I followed the instructions" might not be a good defense.

  8. Because it’s actually cheaper and in their best interest to have “one in every home” than to fill the hospitals whenever there’s another heart attack or handle lawsuits over tragic & preventable deaths.

  9. They want one in every single home. Do they realize that millions of people live alone? DUH Of course the upsurge in heart attacks in young healthy people has nothing to do with any new gene therapy shots. Nothing to see here folks, just get your shots and then get your defibrillator!

  10. What a joke!! Poor poor lost jabbed up souls that put their trust in corrupt lying governments. Whenever i hear the word EXPERT i know its just a highly paid evil dumbarse!

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