Thousands Of Ukrainian Deaths CENSORED From European Commission Head’s Speech!

A weird thing happened between the time European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen delivered a recent speech about the Ukraine War and the time that speech was published online – specifically, the EC President’s references to the 20,000 Ukrainian civilians and 100,000 soldiers who have been killed since the war began were removed. And those figures – whether people know she said them or not – are surely underestimates.

Guest host Aaron Maté and former U.S. Marine and weapons inspector Scott Ritter discuss why these particular remarks would be stricken from the speech prior to publication online.

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  1. This is the Nazi Vengeance because The Soviets on May 9th of1945 "temporarily" stopped the Nazi from colonizing the World…. The Nazi that used the puppet Hittler wanted 1,000 3rd Reich Control of the World and this meant all races other than the Arians will be slaves of the Nazi along their vast resources …. So, for the Nazi descendants in control of the government of the USA, in control of THE RUSSOPHOBIC NATO COLONIES OF SLAVED LEADERS the same who vote on the United Nations Coerced Leaders of the World THIS IS THE WAR THE NAZI CREATED FOR THE MODERN SOVIET HOLOCAUST where the brainwashed Soviets of Ukraine and the Provoked Soviets of Russia are burnt alive and where the Genocidal Serial Killers and Monsters Nazis all the world enjoy watching videos of this horror… The Nazi Slavers laugh today because their slaved media has the world of intelligent individuals MADE MEGA IDIOTS by idiots repeating idiocies that multiply the number of idiots in their …. this war if not about democracy or freedom of human rights because these do not even exist in the USA as leader of a fake democracy that still blocks Cuba and coerce hundreds of countries and produce war deaths all over the world …. The Government of the USA has not being a peaceful government ever …. Japan was another Nazi Holocaust with Nazi 2 atomic bombs never meant to be use to stop their own Nazi Slavery of the World …. for the Nazi this war is so far mission accomplished as hundreds of ex Soviets on both sides have already died today …. Ukraine will cease to exist as an independent country and the land will be re absorbed by Russia and those Ukrainians who dont want to be Russians will be absorved by other countries…. Belarus will too be part of Russia again.

  2. she has a nerve condemning russia and calling it an invasion her and her EU nato chums provoked russia into going into ukraine in the first place, she is nothing more than a shill for the american government, she has no creditability blaming russia for the things she and her chums started while providing weapons and support to nazis to kill russians of all people, the same russians that lost over 20 million of its own people fighting both german and ukranian nzis to save europe,the same russians that defeated isis stopping terrorist attacks in europe,she is nothing more than a traitor to all those who sacrificed themselves in ww2

  3. Foreigners won't install freedom, or democracy, every culture has its own identity and to expect another nation to adopt and except an alternative lifestyle and depose its sovereign and historical identity, which will likely be at the demise and destruction of the nation that is being targeted. You cannot export or impose another cultural institution upon any nation, that respects its own identity and is demographically made up of patriotic and proud people. Why would any nation surrender their history and values for the opportunity to be apart of a system that offers no opportunity's or freedoms? The Hidden hand behind this Globalist agenda must be be apposed and the politicians who are complacent with their tyranny must be exposed and apposed by every sovereign nation. "UNITED WE STAND, DEVIDED WE WILL FALL

  4. I've bit my tongue for the first pieces of the "Scott Ritter show of fables, exaggerations and histrionics" but today's story time about the number of Ukrainian deaths took the cake. How about he supply a modicum of sourcing for these claims.
    Also, the patriot of 1991 is not the pac 2 or pac 3 of today. The Ukrainians have modern tanks, I. E. T72s and t80s, as well just not as many as Russia…
    The Ukrainian arms manufacturers are producing semi-decent gear…. Just not enough.

    I know acitty like the atge tuin the Left is giving him but he is obviously out of his league – at best, disingenuous – at worst.

  5. The Western media has been downplaying the Ukrainian losses and trying to frame the war as an eventual Ukrainian victory resulting in a weak and isolated Russia. This will help people continue to support a slaughter because they're told everyday that Ukraine is winning and willing to fight.

  6. This is about creating "big israel" as Zelensky himself called it and to do that he needs to rid Ukraine of the people living there, the Ukrainians, preferably by killing them in useless waves against the Russian guns. This is the same murder and drive out strategy they used in "little israel" against the rightful owners of the land there and Aaron's refusal to see that happening again in real time doesn't mean it isn't true. He knows Zelensky said that so why does he choose not to believe him?

  7. Scott Ritter….."we are destroying Ukraine." Actually Scott, the Russians are destroying Ukraine and the west is supplying arms to the Ukraine to defend against Russia's agression.

  8. All they had to do was give Donbass sovereignty, leave them alone, and leave Crimea alone. Theyre not Ukrainians lands, theyre not Ukrainian people. Kiev just wanted to rob their lands and sell their oil and land to Europe.

  9. WTF!!! NO CLOSED CAPTIONS AGAIN!?!?! TWO THUMBS DOWN!!! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  10. Actually it's the US State Department waging this war.

    When do Americans get to end this "democracy" madness, regain control of our country and kick these parasites out?

  11. Interesting that you defer to the opinion of an "expert" while not acknowledging he's a convicted pedo–and for those who engage in "conspiracy" theories about him being "set up" is was more than one incidence AND he admitted to it. So don't even fucking try it. Very disturbing to me that this man is given a free pass to give his OPINIONS about what is going on.

  12. FYI..Andrew Tate just said on a recent interview that "Ukraine men are dying and Ukraine women are ending up in Dubia" mass human trafficking? exactly like what happened in Syria in that mfg conflict. Wonder how much the trafficers are making and who's getting a cut…maybe by bags of cash left for politicians in hotel rooms. ; )

  13. The so called referendums of all the oblasts o join Russia with 98% voting in favor is also a joke Kherson proved this as the amount of people who came out to support Ukraine once it was taken back was massive. Let me ask you a couple questions, if you really believe in the referendums what do you think Russia would do if an oblast voted against the joining, do you think they would just say sorry and leave ? Exactly why it was rigged, they would never allow that. Secondly what do you think Russia would do if let’s just say kuban which is ethnically Ukrainian decided to succeed and join Ukraine? Or if the Far East wanted to join China or Japan? They would level their own people, they would commit horrors in order to keep their land anyone who is part of the resistance would be killed. No doubt about it. So all these people crying that for 8 years Ukraine single handedlu were committing genocide against the Russian speaking population are literally clowns that bought into the Russian narrative which predicated the invasion on “protecting their people” ask yourself why their was 0 issues there before 2014, Russia funded separatist. Both sides were committing crimes, strike from a civilian area, then the retaliation hits and civilians were injured and killed they point the fingers, and both sides were guilty of this. Then the mink agreement was bullocks as it literally guaranteed that the Russian separatist would get autonomy and then would use any chance to “vote” to join Russia, it was a completely one sided treaty that only benefited Russia. How about the Budapest memorandum? People out here are quick to forget why Ukraine was so hesitant to let go of the nuclear arsenal, first off the majority of the weapons were manufactured in Ukraine, second Kiev was literally 2nd in command after Moscow in the ussr, 3rd a huge amount of higher military positions were all ethnic Ukrainians. People out here sucking Putin forgetting that it was Russias dirty hands that caused this not to down play the interference of USAs dirty tactics, the overthrow of yanukovich was the legitimate will of the people, but what followed was a power vacuum that allowed corrupt candidates in all oblast to have their chance both the USA and Russia started to push in their people. So all you idiots saying the coup was only from the USA, you are a fool. Russian information is heavily regulated by the state, you can’t get independent information out of that county it is technically illegal, that being said Ukraine also has an incentive to use disinformation, so everything need to be double checked with multiple sources and then you have to come to your own conclusion. Next is azov the whole battalion was not neo nazi it was literally 1 company, and once they were nationalized the people that committed crimes were punished. And we get to Bandera who on the western side of Ukraine is seen as a martyr fighting for independence against communism and a free Ukraine, they minimize his crimes and highlight his accomplishments and ideologies of independence in the face of tyrants, though that being said numerous crimes were committed as they did a line with the Nazis with the promise of independence after the war, they were tricked and bandera himself was jailed by them once they saw he was a rogue trying to accomplish only goals of an independent Ukraine, though up to this point genocide of Jews and poles who already had a very very bad relationship with ethnic Ukrainians and multiple small scale ethnic clashes between poles and Ukrainians happened. Now Russia uses by highlighting the crimes and minimizing the accomplishments, Russia openly denies the holodomor, and the ethnic existence of the Ukrainian people by claiming Ukraine is just a bastard child of the Bolshevik revolution, even though the ethnic group existed prior to that. So all these pro Russia ckskrs that are foaming at the mouth over this war need to pack their bags and head to the front lines, and if they are lucky they will come back burnt to a crisp in a black bag. What really grinds my gears is people forget that there are 2 categories of npc, i support the current thing with no independent thought and I oppose the current thing with no independent thought.

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