Thousands of vaccine injuries, hardly anyone compensated – Senate Estimates 9.11.22

Last November it was widely reported that over 10,000 people intended to claim compensation under the governments no-fault indemnity scheme.
At that time 78,000 injuries were reported and the scheme had not been promoted by the government.
By September this year the government reported just over 3,000 claims had been made and less than 50 had been paid out on.
This is despite reported v injuries rising above 135,000.
Over 7,000 people gave up on lodging a claim against the government, not because they weren’t injured but because the medical community and the government have gaslighted their injuries. For example if you don’t spend a night in hospital you aren’t eligible for any compensation.
One constituent provided letters confirming the v caused her injury from her GP, Medical Registrar, 2 Consultant Physician Clinical Immunology and Allergy, 2 Neurologists and 1 Haematologist and was still knocked back.
The woman cannot work and is in immense pain. Her husband has had to quit his job to care for her. They are selling their assets to survive.
The audacity of these bureaucrats and the government to override these specialists and leave victims without help is just ruthless and callous.


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  1. Since end of plandemonic melbourne ,vic is being flooded by foreign third world sewerage .And is quickly turning into a third world dunny, Surrounding suburbs filled with generational dumbed ,drugged failed generations …God save the King….

  2. Senator they made it impossible for most people to claim because of their standards for claiming. Like if you went to hospital but didn’t miss work because of it, then you could not claim. So injury was based around work time and not time suffering sickness and injury or continued suffering sickness and injury. They are not trying to help people who have been injured for life.🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. Typical empty responses from a panel of vapid cat ladies. No accountability, credibility or moral backbone. Australia is and always will be a penal colony while the The Punch and Judy show that is the Australian Government, continues in its current form.

  4. Every single person should have been given the full 9 PAGES of possible adverse side effects from ph iz er, ( when I read through it I cried because I couldn't contemplate the pure evil behind their plans for humanity ) also the statement that no animal survived the m. R. N. A. experiments and trials, before making a proper informed decision to be part of the largest medical experiment in human history. I'm sure the outcome would have been very different. But that was never an option was it? Any professional doctor or scientist who questioned the corrupt way this poison was being sold was cancelled and their reputation ruined. Completely silencing anyone who didn't go along with the criminal narrative. Well, the sheep will suffer for their stupidity.

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