THOUSANDS protesting at Parliament right now

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Written by Melbourne Ground


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  1. A bit of free advice Danno boy. By the time these people talk to a few friends each, and they talk to their friends and so on, you are staring defeat squarely in the face. It won’t come down to dopey independents or coercion or so on………it will be people power that take’s you down. Ignore this at your own peril. Ohh, and that’s if you last another twelve months.

  2. About time people need to wake up to the BS & lies the manipulation of data to fit their agendas, just listen to front line doctors & nurses or virologist medical scientist in the US, funeral directors in the UK & medical practitioner, medical reports journals, whistleblowers from BioTech which have been try to get the message out but because it doesn't fit their narrative there is silence through out main stream media. Just look up & read news articles around the world everyone is protesting rejecting these tyrant laws, just look in the US breaking news there will be mass exodus in LAPD the been warned as well as hospital staff, doctors & nurses lots of walk outs.

  3. It is unnerving how quiet Scott and Dan are right now. All of a sudden protests are allowed. Something smells fishy. There is only one way to end a dictator and a protest ain't it.

  4. No Politication has the best interest for the people Have a look those dumb people waving trump flags lol Omg uz dont remember wen he was president he said that he fast track the vaccine that mofo opened up an American embassy in Jerusalem hes just another Zionist puppet will give u abit of truth mix with lies we are Aussies 🇦🇺Not Americans 🇺🇸

  5. Fnatastic stuff but could do without the extreme left and extreme right flags. Since BOTH narratived have led to this collapse in society if you understand how the media plays these games

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