Thousands SLAM Cenk & Chris Cuomo Over Total LACK Of Self Awareness! The Ultimate BACKFIRE Tweets!


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Written by Liberal Hivemind


  1. 60 years of life I never seen snow come out of the same place in Mexico for the last two years…I guess the left took the snow making machine in ski resorts to another level!!!

  2. Hey new jersey fool.
    There is no such thing as a gas coal or oil power plant that lacks hear. Powerplants are winterized by default due to the fuel they burn to create power.
    Read a fucking book.
    Green power does not create its own heat so it freezes and quits working.

  3. Mostly agree with you Hivemind but as far as Texas not having a winter goes I believe Texas officials showed a huge lack of foresight which is typical for American politicians both right and left. Weather patterns change and for something as absolutely vital as the state power grid common sense suggests they should've winterized it. Always prepare for the worst.

  4. All of the demon rats are guilty they know exactly what they're doing they should be charged with murder and treason Point Blank. They knew exactly what they were doing they murdered those elderly to blame President Trump

  5. How do any of these talking heads sleep at night knowing they cause so much damage and fear to Americans. Whether they buy into their BS or not SMH

    COME ON MAN!!!