Threats Of China Bombing Australia – China’s Nuclear Threat to Australia

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As the media is reporting scaremongering about calls for China to Bomb Australia, let’s look at China’s nuclear threat to Australia. Perhaps it’s time Australia developed out own nuclear capabilities?

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Written by Heise Says


  1. Little boy bomb. Another product of " the patriarchy"
    " you see Susan, the damage just one little boy can do.?? .oh Ive got some purple dye for your armpits..""

  2. main stream media going to be foaming at the mouth with this news.. they have been talking up war with China for a while.

  3. The Australian government is pure evil if they get us bombed for getting involved in Asian politics. Stay out of it, it literally doesn't affect us at all.

  4. Its all already been dealt with. They wouldn't dare threaten us, it's a fearing psyop. The MSM will be held to account for this rhetoric as they are supporters of the deep state. With intent to harm.
    Nuclear is not required, we will be receiving free energy and free internet when the Quantum System is switched on. Apparently Trump was sworn in by GFC on the May 7 and the millitary is in control. world wide to take down the NWO deep state philanthropists and associates.

  5. The battle of Kapyong- outnumbered- still prevailed. South Korea has missile defence- THAAD.
    Australia does not….

    A Su-35 crashed in Taiwan. Look up that video.

  6. Prediction: before nuclear war with China, the Cascadia subduction zone will let go with a 9 magnitude quake, also triggering San Andreas with a Magnitude 7. Seattle and Portland are toast. Vancouver, san Fran and LA are heavily damaged. 100,000 killed and 8 million homeless. China seizes Taiwan while world rallies to assist the US. Problem solved.

  7. This is just to scare people into submission. Nuclear bunkers would make these events very survivable. go down 100 feet, have a bunker with 21 days air water and food, casualties are minimal. The casus bellus is established beyond a shadow of a doubt. This doesn't constitute mutually assuring any destruction.

  8. If China attacks Biden will help. Probably help China to be clear, but that's where we have an advantage, because he pretty much stuffs up everything he touches

  9. China's most vulnerable areas to target is their Three Gorges Dam, which is already ready to break to set off their nuclear power plants downstream, flood manufacturing areas, and destroy food crops; their railway system for exporting to Europe is critical; the capital of Beijing; and their largest ports. The Three Gorges Dam floods alone would end the CCP and break China up into regions for the Taiwanese to reclaim their government in mainland China. I don't think it's wise for the Chinese to make nuclear threats. Shoot down their dam and it's over for them.

  10. China is not bluffing when it comes to Taiwan. The very foundation of modern China shows the brutalities of a civil war that killed millions in China between the red, communist and green fascists leading up to the formation of the PRC. Taiwan and HK were ceded by force, make no mistake they are Chinese territories. Taiwan held the seat of China in the UN until THE WORLD recognised the PRC as legitimate China.. Taiwan is not a recognised county,. If America interferes 110% certain there will be war and Taiwan will be taken. Do the Chinese in
    Taiwan with huge intermarriages in the PRC along with factories want a war. A resounding NO.

    Does America want to have every Taiwanese die for America Yes, WHY?
    Because when China gets back what is hers…America is finished in Asia.
    America is already a none empire across the world. Her days are over.
    I do not want to see anyone die for a bunch of war criminal who escaped and formed a gov in Taiwan. Why die for a place called Vietnam, Syria, Afganistan or Taiwan which does not even have an embassy or a consulate. Make no mistake China will invade Taiwan if she has to do so. Then let us see if America will go to war over a none state?

  11. When the Aussie gun ban came through in the 90s there were farmers up in NT burying shipping containers full of guns and ammo because the threat was invasion from Indonesia. They knew that the more populated centers would leave them to die if Australia was invaded and that they would have to defend themselves.

    As for Taiwan, if China can't take it then they will reduce it to nuclear ash, their plan is to kill everyone there anyway so whats the difference to them.

  12. I think before the politicians bomb innocent people why don't they take all the weapons and bombs and pick a island somewhere far from everyone and go for it themselves and we can just go on with our lives .. I think it's a great idea happy to chip in for it and we can start with new world leaders

  13. Jesus Christ ! China is playing the fear and mental control against Australia ??!
    The way that the poke the free countries with this guns is insane they shouldn’t take the world’s control in anyway ! They use the mental attack and midis helps them with it !

  14. You're doing the wrong calculations Florian, work out how many casualties they get in retaliation once Bayjing and Changhai are hit within minutes… and how many seeseepee leaders are lost

  15. why would they destroy valuable real estate,all they have to do is unlease the next level bio weapon,walk straight in real estate agents first up.

  16. Tell the PSYCHOPATHS in China to SHUT THEIR WORTHLESSLY USELESS mouths! They can bully, torture and kill their own BUT threaten another Country??? BRING IT.

  17. Australia doesn't need its own Nukes, because we have plenty of US Nukes, Australian Bases are Joint Bases with the USA, and they are allowed to carry Nukes on their Ships and Aircraft and can park them here whenever they want. Our forces are integrated with the US and as per our Treaty with the US, an attack on Australia, is Considered an attack on the US, and if you know history, we have fought together in every war for the last 100 years, and will continue to do so.

  18. I support your views and content, BUT, why do you now use the Americanism of so many X rather than what the rest of the world saying *so many * times.
    For a bloke so down to Earth as you, it is disappointing to see you adopting so many Americanisms